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  1. It's been a while, isn't it? The reason was simple - Racoon Special. Four times tried to apply that marking and failed. So, the Hayabusa has been shelved for some time. Today I just decided to give it a try once more. The fifth try, again with the custom made decals, and I think I will leave it as it is. All the previous attempts failed due to the thickness of the decal film covered with a clear coat. I used Bare Metal's Experts-Choice No.121 as a clear decal. Tried to secure the print with Microscale's Liquid Decal Film, as suggested by the instruction, tried others - the result was always poor: the edge of the decal was clearly visible, just as it was a panel line. The solution was not to follow the instruction, as regards securing the printed markings with the clear varnish. This time I decided not to secure the markings, and not to soak the print during its application. And it worked quite well. I mean, the edge of the decal is still visible, but I believe that under the clear coat it will be only hardly visible. Best regards Hubert
  2. I'd say, the best SW PZL P.11 I've ever seen - BRAVO! So much is happening in this camouflage scheme, so much detail and attention paid to it - just a pure pleasure to look at. Best regards Hubert
  3. Few small steps forward... The fit is just perfect, no filler necessary. Best regards Hubert
  4. A small update, slowly going forward. The model has received the decals and a gray wash. Some more weathering still needs to be made. Now have to prepare the guns, using the Aber's photo-etched set for the PWU Szczeniak (Puppy) machine guns, that were installed in these planes in September 1939, when the decision was made not to send the P.43s ordered by Bulgaria to their owners, but to take them over and use against the German invaders. Sorry for the poor photos, made them in a little hurry with my good old Pentax, but had no time to prepare the settings and the light. You know, it's Christmas, so the family first Best regards Hubert
  5. I'm afraid she's much too esoteric to have any company made her in a large scale. However, some ten years ago Legato did B-35 (which is even more esoteric) in 1:32nd scale, that was a starting point for topper71's magnificent build - I believe this is the only way, not sure however if it is still available anywhere. A pity indeed, it was a beautiful plane. Scalemates.com Thanks for comments, mates . Best regards Hubert
  6. Hi All, Here's my recently finished Avia B-135 from Planet Models, a resin kit, 1/48th scale, very easy to build. Yes, that's the one that probably took part in a B-24 kill on March 30th, 1944 over Sofia, Bulgaria. Hope you like it, best regards Hubert
  7. I have no words to describe my admiration with this paint-job and your skills... simply this is the best Phantom I have ever seen. Best regards Hubert
  8. Tchaika is standing on her legs, ready for the decals. Best regards Hubert
  9. Well, that's just Aotake made by Tamiya Will be a little bit darker at the end of the day, darkened with a deep grey wash. Thanks for watching Best regards Hubert
  10. PZL.37 from Mirage Hobby, with its split and too narrow bombardier's canopy, bomb bays that don't fit, regardless open or closed, wings that don't fit to the fuselage, wrong shape of the fuselage in the upper gunner's area and so on and so on? Yes, I know the pain very well. Anyway, did this kit too, some five years ago and still wondering, if the S-Model's vacform kit wouldn't be easier to get it done. PZL.43 is much, much better in terms of fit, detail and accuracy. Best regards Hubert
  11. Well... It's a question of definition, what is a shelf of doom indeed. Started this kit more than three years ago, but wouldn't call it "shelved", that's rather common in my approach to the hobby. Several kits made simultaneously, for now it's hard to count, but I'm probably somewhere between 15 and 20, with average duration of builds at about 8-9 months... with some exceptions, as one can see So don't hesitate and take this one back on your bench, it's much too odd to leave it shelved and start another Bf-109 instead Good point. And she was similarly unsuccessful, unfortunately. WW2 wasn't a good time for single engined bombers, like Battle, KaraÅ›, Skua, Ba-65, Su-2 and many others. Thanks for comments Best regards Hubert
  12. Well, it's been a while, indeed... But this kit hasn't gone to the shelf of doom, from time to time I take it and do some little things, mainly adding details in the cockpit. Time to catch-up to its bigger brother. The floor had to be thinned, to make it fit above the wheel wells in the fuselage. The pilot's seat waiting for the paint, and of course, the instrument panel, which will receive some detail using the etched parts and the acetate film for the dials - both from the SBS set. Best regards Hubert
  13. Thanks, Gents! The major part of the paint job is done Used Hataka's dark khaki from the "orange" line (just a perfect paint, definitely its quality is on par with Gunze and Tamiya) and Italeri's red. Best regards Hubert
  14. How one could not like it? Yes, like it a lot! Nice and clean job, well done. Is the engine inside? Best regards Hubert
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