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Factory Corsair Tamiya

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18 hours ago, brahman104 said:

Incredible! Can't believe how quickly you finished it either!




Hi Craig,


I seem to rush through builds at a great rate of knots. Not purposely, just the way I model. I get on a roll if I’m enjoying the kit - and I really enjoyed this one :P


16 hours ago, GMK said:

Love it. Could even convince me to attempt something similar with Airfix’s new 1/24 Hellcat. 



Yes, I can’t deny I’d had the same thought process...


Much obliged, and thank you all for the kind words... 





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48 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

BTW Guy,

Loving MRP the way I do, was going to put in an order sometime soon..................what MRP color is that green/yellow?  Or did you modify an OOB MRP color?







Thats the one Brian, I faded a few panels here and there but it was basically out of the bottle.


Lovely stuff! 



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