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  1. Better and better. IMHO replace the kit fixed tabs on tail with more realistic ones. Ciao! Filippo
  2. The riveting is absolutely perfect! All lines are aligned each others. Tell us your secret . Bravissimo. Ciao Filippo
  3. Whow! Great. Free hand spraygun camo or Bluetac? Ciao Filippo
  4. Great job! Decals or stencils for the starboard cockpit side? Very nice, bravo! ciao Filippo
  5. Absolutely top work! Best compliments. Ciao Filippo
  6. Very nice! I'll follow you with interest! Maybe I'm wrong but gunsight is a replica in 1/1 scale. Anyway it is very useful Ciao F
  7. Sorry but what happens to pics. They disappeared
  8. Very very nice 109! Best compliments but, imho, please cover/correct the holes Ciao! Filippo
  9. The paint scheme is absolutely in scale. Best compliments. Ciao F
  10. Great attention to details! Bravo. Ciao F
  11. Superlative work on canopy! Great. Ciao F
  12. Master winner l Some weathering wip pics? Superlative. Ciao Filippo
  13. Very nice, The overpainted serial number is simply superb. Ciao
  14. Well done, Lothar! Fine model. I love the white tail. Ciao Filippo
  15. I have no words I never seen a work like this. Best compliments. Please make me happy ad built magg. A. Visconti Macchi 205 in ANR service. Bravissimo Ciao
  16. Fantastic! Do you think to put it on factory diorama? Please! Ciao Filippo
  17. Huge and deadly when firing! Ciao Filippo
  18. Very nice, bravo! ciao filippo
  19. Great work Thunnus!. I like the tan seat. I'm looking for next wips Ciao F
  20. Many thanks cbk57. Nice Corsair. No seams on wheels! Barracuda resin? Ciao Filippo
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