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F-104D Starfighter - 57-1315 - AFFTC Edwards AFB, 1960

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Thanks guys!  


7 hours ago, red Dog said:

I admire your result. I have been there and done that, got the tee shirt, made almost plastic fly and nowhere did I come close to working in such a tiny environment with lights in a model !!

Well done. The end result will be cracking



Im sure you know well more than most! Your B-25 is an astounding piece of work, and Im not surprised Richard made it one of the main page displays. Its an incredible looking model!

I can only hope mine turns out half as well.


With all the cramped quarters in the 104, Im not sure how much of all this anyone will actually be able to see, or in the end, how good (or bad) it will actually look.

I think Im going to try to sort the tail/exhaust cone soon as I am rapidly approaching the time where I will have to sort a way to keep all of the other main airframe lights contained so I can install them with the least chance of any light bleed through to the outside. 


More soon!  

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I've finally made it over the hump that was the cockpit!  I was really getting bogged down thinking about how best to pull it all off, and it was really making the build grind to a halt.  So I just sat down and did it! I've gotten the whole of the cockpit done, save gluing down the forward parts of the 4 side console upper parts. Im saving doing that until after the pit is glued to the fuselage, so I can tuck them under the fuse side wall lips.


In the end, its far, FAR FAR from  the perfect I had in my mind, but as always I still like it. The pit is super super cramped and sacrifices had to be made, like the side/hip nets on the C2 ejection seats, and a perfect look for the instrument lights but I digress..............


In the end I glued in both the pilot and observer (I initially was going to wait to do that until after the fuselage was closed, but found they would not fit after things were buttoned up) in their permanent positions, and then covered the side console fiber optic rod with chrome, then MS black primer to cut out any hint of light bleed:












I ended up using some brass tubing with chrome on the inside of it, to cap off the fiber optic runs, backed by a small piece of styrene sheet with the MLED glued to it. I used one brass tube with two .50mm fiber optic runs in each, sealed in the same manor for each cockpits side consoles, all held in with UV activated gel glue:










Our pilot is now firmly in control with the flight stick in hand, and our camera man/observer is still having a blast! (I will wait to install the observers camera until after the cockpit is sealed in the fuselage) 










MAN, do things look like $#@* in the macro lens!!! 




Back in a min with some night pics of the lights..............


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 I took the opportunity, with the boys in their final positions, to tape on the on both IPs (which are currently both getting a canvas covering of tissue paper soaked in gators grip and water) and get the cockpits taped temporarily into the fuselage to see what the lights look like at night.

The IPs are still a bit brighter than I would like, but the pics and my camera didn't deal with the glare very well, and this makes things look brighter and with more glare than IRL.


You'll have to excuse the crappy cell phone pics, but in real life you can see the instruments well, and things are a lot less bright:




















I actually got the individual landing/marker/wing light covers Futured last night, so tonight I should be ready to install them and get the first of the fuselage MLEDs installed.





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12 minutes ago, Mel said:

I will be attentive to your progress, to general lines how is this kit? quality, mold, lace, etc


Thanks Mel!  Im not an F-104 expert, so I cant speak to overall accuracy, but the fit of the parts of the kit I have put together OOB do fit very nicely. No flash or mold lace that I can see or have found what so ever. 


Surprisingly, for having needed to have all 5 major clear parts fit in the closed position, the fit of them all in relation to the fuselage as well as to each other other is surprisingly excellent. 

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