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F-104D Starfighter - 57-1315 - AFFTC Edwards AFB, 1960

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Thanks Troy!


Well we officially have a GBPB! (Great Big Pointy B@$*!d)  This is going to be one TALL model  display when done








The wings are at this time, just push fit into the fuselage, but the fuselage is 85% complete, and the fit was surprisingly good. Its a loooooooooong model though! The fit of the cockpit was good all around, and the nose cone has really started making it look like a zipper now. I have blended the sections of the cockpit that had to wait until the fuselage was assembled, but now I still need to go back and add the photo etch details to the inside areas of the cockpit, then finish up painting those areas the cockpit color. After those are dry, I will mask them off and repaint the ODG on the instrument hoods:










Even the area at the nose where 4 panels come together fit exceptionally well, and needed only mild sanding to bring the nose cone into alignment and smoothness with the other 3 panels:








The only fit issue I experienced was on the rear spine panel on the port side. This was likely due to my own error in assembly, but has been dealt with using PPP and Mr Surfacer Black 1500:








Ok guys, this was shot with my crappy cell camera, and of course with the lights off and with YouTube dumbing down the quality, its kind of a crap video, but you can get an idea of what the lights look like with the fuselage closed up. The top and bottom asynchronous flashing beacons will get a small piece of fiber optic cable cut to a size to sit in the small cut tube that the MLED sits in, so it will shoot light directly up into each beacon light that will get glued on top of the hole. These both will eventually get painted red.







The only down side here is the exhaust really only shows up bright like this with the lights off. In most situations, I will likely be displaying the 104 in a lit contest or show type lighting. However, you can still see the exhaust light flickering and the color by changing the angle you look at it, and if you look more up inside the exhaust. The effect is just a bit more subtle with the lights on. The other lights, including the cockpit lights you can still readily see with the lights on.


I'm going for a very clean (display/vignette wise) look, so I'm hoping the clear rod will clean up nicely, and I can cut it off at a desired angle later on the bottom of the base. Ill likely add some chrome paint or foil there on the bottom of the display/end of the clear tube to help bounce the light back through the clear rod.  I will determine the length of the rod later when I know how much room I have to work with in my display cabinet. (I'm definitely going to have to raise my second to bottom shelf to accommodate the 104)

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Thanks boys!


I spent most of yesterday assembling and finish fitting my new 1/24th-1/32nd JH Models stand. This thing is WAY bigger than I thought and substantially larger than my 1/32nd-1/48th JH Models stand. Its going to fit most larger models and is quite well built and reinforced. Its footprint however may take up more room than I want.

I subbed in some felt I pilfered from the wife in place of the supplied rubber bands to glue to the places where the stand contacts the model. 

I set it up for the F-104D, and test fit the tip tanks:











I removed the tanks and wings and did some finish sanding on the fuselage tonight followed by some needed filling. I plan on getting the filling/sanding, re-scribing as well as the intakes added and smoothed prior to gluing the wi Gs and tip tanks on permanently.


Ater that I will add the slats and flaps and I should be ready for the prep stages of paint!

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Absolutely this is looking good, appearing very sleek perched on the new stand. 


How do you find the JH Models jig now that you've used it? Easy to position the uprights? I have never used one and I'm wondering if having measurements on the base is important or not. 



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Thanks guys!


7 hours ago, GDW said:

How do you find the JH Models jig now that you've used it? Easy to position the uprights? I have never used one and I'm wondering if having measurements on the base is important or not. 




This is actually my 3rd JH Models stand and I love em! Very easy to position things including sideways angles if you need them too. The 1/24th stand is just quite big, and the footprint of the base is very large. I also have their 32nd base as well as the biplane base.   I find the base very easy to use and customize to the position you need for the model. 

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8 minutes ago, GDW said:

Thank you, I appreciate the field report. I've looked at jigs made by three different manufactures. Your endorsement carries a lot of weight with me, so thats it then. A JH Modeles stand it will be. 



I don't think you will regret the purchase. My 32nd stand has somehow been acquired by my 1/32nd F7F Tigercat (positioned upside down the poor thing :lol: )  and has taken abuse upon abuse. Its like anything, not perfect as it is still made out of wood and susceptible as such to anything normal plywood is, like stress across a single piece and such, but all in all a very nice stand. 

The 1/24th stand Id imagine may even be large enough for a 1/32nd twin bomber or even larger possibly.   The other drawbacks may include having to assemble the stand yourself (wood glue and CA work well for that) and the fact that they can be a bit pricey. 

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Thanks gents!  Good and bad here...........


The good, I have got the fuselage (seemingly 90% of the aircraft!) super smooth, even with the magnetic removable doors.


The bad, I looked over the fuse last night and found one side of the wing lights good








And one side like this:











The MLED was completely broken, and the positive and negative wires completely separated, and broken at the light itself.

Crud. I ordered some similar sized cold micro LEDs from China, but its going to be a bit before they get here.


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