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  1. Guys, everything ok, I sent him an email and he explained very kindly that santu is a payment gateway that didn't worry me, everything ok. On google the result of santu express comes out, an Indian mail agency comes out (which by the way has very excellent reviews) and has the same name as the payment gateway but they have nothing to do with each other
  2. Hi guys, one question? I just bought some intakes in dmold, I made the payment by paypal, the bill came out well and everything was fine, but I have a doubt ... it is normal to be sent by a company called SANTU express (which in theory the company is india)
  3. You're welcome man, you can also paint, varnish bright, then put the decal and then give it another layer of gloss varnish (to ensure that the edges of the decal are not visible) and finally matt varnish
  4. Hello Palimaka, in my case I have always painted with alclad, then I have varnished in glossy, I have put decals and then matt varnish and I have not had any problem, I talk about my experience
  5. Mel

    The cold

    where I live it's already cold and it rains
  6. I just ask trumpeter to do a real good job, because we all know where trumpeter fails ...
  7. I stay here to see your progress :-)
  8. I stay here to see your magnificent progress
  9. why they have forgotten to release the version (insert the aircraft version here,the rarer the better ) of this kit? I do not buy it, I have lost all confidence in this company
  10. Beautiful model, and the field in the background is also beautiful, everything is a set of beauty
  11. Sweet, I stay here and follow the thread for updates
  12. Not all Germans were NAZIS (elimination of races, Aryan race, final solution, etc.) that was the follies of a small group of crazy people (see some leaders), almost all Germans, Russians, Japanese, Americans only fought for their countries (it is more in the Nazi Germany I suppose that with all the countries, if you refused to fight because you thought that war was stupid) at that time you were considered a traitor and the punishment was to be shot by treason to the homeland, in this case for betrayal of the reich They were very hard times, that we all absolutely all must keep in mind But believe me that apart from the war, there is nothing worse than a civil war like the one we suffered in Spain (something that seems not to interest many people) neighbors killing each other by simple ideology. My grandparents lived the Spanish civil war first hand (may God have them in their glory), my grandfather fought while my grandmother and other neighbors hid in the subway of Barcelona to take refuge from the bombs ... and it was a horror, the civil war was a horror and a shame for a country, it is the worst that can exist, a civil war
  13. I will be attentive to your progress, to general lines how is this kit? quality, mold, lace, etc
  14. Thanks for this, is the kit really worth it? between revell and trumpeter ... Some time ago I made the super trumpeter hornet and the kit ... honestly the kit could improve, but no wonder it is trumpeter, I'm still dreaming that one day Tamiya will surprise us
  15. Hi Jugernaut, thank you very much for your answer and your help, I am very happy that you tell me that, I was planning to use Tamiya, Mr hobby,AK,MRP... or at least know what mix of paint I have to use, it would be appreciated to help with the paint of the cockpit . Another thing, the bottom fuselage is not white right, it has gray, right? I was looking and I've seen this, I don't know if it's right, what do you think? http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2008/06/zero-interior-colours.html?m=1 in theory Mr. Hobby has the color
  16. Sorry to quote you again, I have searched other sites too and on this website the Mitsubishi A6M5 type 52 the color matches as in the box and the instructions http://www.j-aircraft.com/walk/walkarou.htm
  17. Thank you for the answer, but in the box (the photo box is the same as my model) is the Mitsubishi A56M Zero (ZEKE), could it be that TAMIYA was wrong to name the model? by the way I don't see the 52 model in the link that happened to me And one last doubt, as I asked before, then the cabin being darker would be different from TAMIYA's Xf-71 color, right? and the interior frames of the cabin what color would they be? black, the same color of the cockpit or the same color of the fuselage? So this would be the right one for this model, right?
  18. Hi guys, I have only two questions What is the cockpit color of the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model52, would the IJN XF-71 be correct? And the interior frames of the cockpit cockpit of this model are the same color of the cockpit, the color of the fuselage (in this case green) or black? The model that I have and for the moment I will build is the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model52 (tamiya 1:32)
  19. It is good to know, I already put it in observed in amazon (now it is out of stock) In Europe this Tamiya glue is sold everywhere (but I really do not know if it is good or not, I guess being Tamiya will be good ... I do not know)
  20. Thank you very much everyone for your answers I will look at this glue that you say, at the moment in amazon it is out of stock, it is sold in Europe and the USA or only in Japan?
  21. I apologize for not having been very helpful
  22. interesting, because the F-4 of zoukei mura at 1:48 scale is an excellent kit and I would dare to say that it is the best phantom at that scale, in the case of KHM something I heard, for me it is a surprise the truth
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