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BIG 1/18 Fw190a-8


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Hello all,


I dont often post but I couldn’t resist starting a build thread for this behometh:






I saw one one built up at Hannants by the RAF Museum at Hendon. Never knew they existed, did a quick google search and it gets panned... but... I liked the look of it, it at least looked like a 190 (I’m not a rivet counter) unlike some Trumpeter kits which just look out of whack, and the surface detail looked very good. I just saw this lovely blank canvas....


A bit more research showed there was very little in aftermarket; metal legs (which I won’t be using), a set of insignia masks and er... that’s it. Oh well, I like a challenge.


They are listed at £99 but I managed to get one on eBay for £67.


So, what do you get in the box? Huge lumps of plastic is what you get, and not too many of them! No engine to speak of, no flaps (well, you do get these but they are plain old plastic on the interior with no detail), the gun detail is risible and the cockpit comprises of 7 parts. In fact I genuinely think you will get a lot more parts in an Eduard 1/72 kit.... but, it looks like it fits well and I as I said, nice surface moulding, so in the right pair of hands (not mine, obviously), it could be stunning, maybe.



Let’s delve into the box:


paint pot for scale...













Vinyl tyres, I know everyone seems to hate these, but I must be the only person who rather likes them on a larger model... don’t shoot me. The brackets are for the flaps and gun compartment (I use this term loosely...)






These are the colour schemes, but before you get too excited, the decals really don’t look up to the job, patchy looking. One way or another it’s going to have to be masks, and at least I can choose a scheme of my choosing if I look for a simple one.









The offending decals:


The stencil details are oversized too to my eye






The kit has basic instrument faces for the panel, but I thought I might be able to supplement these with a set of 1/24th photo etch. I think I’ll get away with this...






And here’s the only piece of aftermarket - a set of vinyl masks, I was pleased to find these, but on opening, they are a bit disappointing - wavy lines everywhere. I don’t know if I can use them. I’ll ponder on that.





As mentioned, nice detail, but the top wings both have these marks on. Not sure if they’ll disappear under a coat of primer.





Anyway, thanks for looking in,




ps I’ll post my finished Wingnut’s Halberstadt shortly in the completed Models section if you fancy a look...




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I have this kit, too, so will be watching with interest on what you come up with. I was pretty impressed with the surface detail on the exterior parts, but definitely underwhelmed by all the internal details.

One thing, I would peruse Shapeways occasionally as 1/18th scale stuff shows up there sometimes for other kits like this. I fortunately have a 1/18th MPM 262 kit, so hope to cast a few items to help with the cockpit, but it is probably a ways before I get to it. And I don't remember how great the 262 stuff is, to tell the truth. Anyway, good luck! One nice thing about 1/18: you can see what you are working on! 

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Thanks all, yes it’s got the detail level of an old Airfix 1/72 kit, but... it really has potential too! 


Thanks Ray, will cast my eye over Shapeways but I don’t think there’s anything here I can’t scratch - as long as you don’t mind some generic detail!


The engine and gun compartments will all be closed up. That really would be beyond my meagre talents...


Cockpit up shortly.



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I have both kits, but have yet to start. The tooling marks are, i think, for separate parts of the mould as the wing is generic. The A5 wing is flat at this point. I suspect that the under-fuselage gun bulges on the A8 are a bit shallow, but it's an easy fix with Milliput. The kit has the feel of a good (Hasegawa? Tamiya?) 1/48 scale kit pantographed up, only let down, for sensible pricing reasons, with an underwhelming wheel bay. The engine will be barely seen anyway and the gun bay area should be modelled closed or would look stunning with some scratch built super-detailing. I would love to see a complete aftermarket engine and gun bay, but don't think I could ever afford one. The kit. I think, is good value for what you get. There is plenty of so so 1/48 stuff going for the same price, though I ought mine for around £55-£75 on line.

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