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  1. Is that IP from Verlinden as well? Looks really nice!
  2. I have the A5 in 1:18, so will be watching your build closely
  3. Just my personal opinion.... Use Alclad's gloss base coat and spray it as smooth as possible. When applying Alclad, use very light coats and build it up gradually, do not over do it. Before masking Alclad, leave it to rest AT LEAST a week! Do not be tempted to mask it within 24 hours even though it is dry to the touch. It needs ample time to cure so that it won't lift after masking.
  4. Good thing you don't live here in Malta then! You would be modelling 4 months a year!
  5. Yeah... at my expense!!! And mine is the 1/48th I found out, not 1/72!
  6. Is this 1/48? If it is it's huge! Looking with interest, I have the 1/72 Revell to build
  7. So does this kit really cost €720?
  8. NICE!!! Where did you get the kit from if I may ask? Also apologies for asking this, but how much did this kit cost? Found it on the HPH website for €720, is that the actual price?
  9. Following this with interest, as I have the same kit in my stash. How much of an improvement is the Barracudacast nose correction vs kit parts?
  10. I I use wheel lead (you know, the stuff which is self adhesive used to balance alloy wheels) and never experienced anything similar.
  11. Following closely. I have the Academy 1/32 F-18A so I am assuming the kits would be very similar.
  12. I use the self adhesive lead used to balance alloy wheels, they are very cheap.
  13. I built the kit, if I'm not mistaken it needs quite a bit of weight, around 50g IIRC.
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