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New from Model Monkey: 1/32 Beaufighter cockpits, dihedral tailplanes and 1/24 Mustang upgrades


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I wonder if this gear could possibly be retrofitted to the new tool later model Beau that Infinity have slated for production - to run a back date conversion - or detail improvement ... With the additions of some further bits - like the porcupine exhausts, underwing rockets, different observers perspex etc (the current manufacturers have largely gone missing!) ... you would, no-doubt, have a much better platform to work your magic off ... add some decals and Bob's a good close relative!! ... Infinity make the base kit - you make about 5 or 6 conversion/detail sets available AIMS style!!


Rog :)

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I was around when the Beaufighter kit was first released back in the mid 70s and I remember the review of the kit, "accurate but it needs a proper  interior" - nevertheless  I built the model then and agreed with that assessment and later I recall seeing both here and also in magazines various attempts by modellers far more skilled than I to rectify these issues. 


But never in my wildest dreams could I conceive of someone being able to print a complete interior for this model  turning it from a relic of the 70's into  a modern model -


I thank you and I can't wait to get started on my late war TFX  

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On 6/13/2022 at 10:56 PM, IainM said:

And @Model_Monkey, do you ever intend re-releasing the early style dihedral tailplanes? I know you used to have them in the shop, but haven't seen them listed there anymore...


Hi Iain!  Good news, yes, I do intend to release early dihedral tailplanes.  That model is a big design project is in the queue.  It will awhile before it is ready but hopefully this year.   It will appear again in the catalog once the design is done.


Thanks for all the great and encouraging comments, everyone!  They are very helpful.

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Work continues on the 1/32 scale Bristol Beaufighter early nightfighter radar operator's station. Test prints of the Hispano-Suiza 20 mm cannon ammunition drums and spare drum racks were successful.


The Beaufighter was fit with four 20 mm cannons, making it a very hard-hitting aircraft. Early Beaufighter cannons were fed from portable ammunition drums. The real ammunition drums held up to 60 rounds of 20 mm explosive ammunition. The rear of the drum was perforated with small holes which permitted a person to see how many rounds were loaded in the drum at a glance. Unlike drums fit to cannons inside wings like those of the Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon, etc., the Beaufighter's drums had a handle so that the cannons could be rearmed by the radar operator in flight. The model accurately captures the perforations and handle.


The bottom of the real racks stood away from the Beaufighter's fuselage sides just a bit. The models accurately capture this feature, too.

The model will come with 12 drums, 4 for the cannons and 8 for the racks.



















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Test prints of the radar equipment, operator's seat, and seat stand are successful.  These features would very difficult to build from scratch with accuracy for most modelers. 


Compare the size of the 5 radar components to the size of the seat.  The real gear was big, bulky, heavy and took up a lot of space.


Next test prints are the Hispano-Suiza 20 mm cannons and heater duct.  Then the model will be ready for sale.



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