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New from Model Monkey: 1/32 Beaufighter cockpits, dihedral tailplanes and 1/24 Mustang upgrades


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My order of the early Beau interior has just been delivered to my door......and.....good grief, it's absolutely lovely!!! The detail is phenomenal, even down to the minute wiring on the floor boxes. I'm once again seriously impressed!! Well done Steve @Model_Monkey
Packaging was spot-on, no damage whatsoever coming half-way across the world!

Now we just need those early dihedral tailplanes again, plus Hercules engines, plus wheel wells :lol:

My wish-list would also include an early-style radar nose for the Tamiya Mozzie (I'm sure you don't have enough on your plate yet ;)), aaaaand ( I know we've messaged about it before) some AI style bow-and arrow antenna - but just the horizontal posts - the blades would be easy enough to SB - and then there wouldn't be any worry about damage to them...food for thought.

Well done again, that set is superlative work!!!


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2 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

Vector make Hercules engines.

Yep, I've seen those....but I balk at the postage costs here to NZ, especially when it's just for 2 engines. But perhaps I should just bite the bullet and cry later :lol:

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Posted (edited)

Happy to announce the mid-war Beaufighter Radar Operator/Observer's Station is now available.  This model features AI Mk. IV radar and belt/bin-fed Hispano-Suiza 20mm cannons.  Assembly and painting guides in A4 and 8.5" x 11" formats are also available for free download.


Click here for this model, assembly and painting guides, and other 3D-printed detail parts in 1/32 scale.















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