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Revell Antonov An-225 Mriya - Big in 1/144th!

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When I heard about this kit it was a must buy for me, (being the big Soviet/Russian/Eastern European fan that I am...) I was going to wait until the new year, but the itch kept getting worse so I went and got it. Just had to be done. Great looking kit, although a shame only one choice of livery, I would of much preferred one of the older schemes.. If anyone does a decal sheet for this, I shall get a second kit for definate, but this will be built OOB! 


Photos of what you get here - https://scalesoviet.wordpress.com/revell-an-225/


and a great boxart (with dimensions on the box)



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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, PhilB said:

I was lucky enough to be out near the runway at JFK back in 2002 and saw this thing take off.




We had it at an airshow on our base in the mid-nineties. We had to re-position it and I wound up driving the tow vehicle. So I can say I towed the largest plane in the world. I still remember the flooring on the flight deck, you could feel it flex. The flooring was made out of titanium and therefore very thin. It was a good climb to the cockpit.


During the actual airshow I was working the flightline. I was called to the 225 because people were climbing the main gear. No duff, I counted 11 people as I kicked them out of the gear, they were climbing the gear like it was a tree.


It still visits my city yearly as it does a lot of work moving oil field equipment in and out of Canada.

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23 minutes ago, The Madhatter said:

I'd love to see you enter this into the Multi Engine GB... hint hint wink wink




The 1:1 and model both are indeed very impressive!  Unfortunately at 1/144th the scale does not qualify for the GB. All LSP GB entries would need to be 1/35th or larger.

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