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2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners


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Many thanks for organising this K2, and to all members involved for their generosity.  Seems I've won a CF-188 decal sheet for a Tiger scheme, and I have a bit of a thing for "Tiger" squadrons; the modelling gods were smiling as you drew my name, it seems.


Edit - just checked again, I won twice!!  Lightning decals.  What can I say?  I'm never usually this lucky.


Again, many thanks.

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Thx for organising everything K2, I can imagine this took a lot of your precious time.  And thanks too to all who offered up such wonderful goodies, I was one of the lucky few with two wins!




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5 hours ago, spacewolf said:

The person who won the Buffalo & book seems to be unable to receive messages. Gewehr43 ...are you out there ?







Hiya.  Yep, I'm here.  Just sent you a message.  For what it's worth, there's a space between the Gewehr and the 43.  Either way, you should just be able to reply now.  :)  Really looking forward to the buffalo kit.  It's not something I think I ever would have bought, but it nicely scratches an early pacific war itch that I'm on right now.  


I've contacted the recipient of my P-39 kit, and hope to ship it out this week.  


Thanks for organizing this, K2.  Fun event for a great community!

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The winner of my 1/24 th Rufe-set (masks and PE seat belts) has informed me that it can go back into the raffle .


I leave it up to the Staff .


I can also offer it to any member with the Rufe kit that will use the set.



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Madmusky has pm'd me to say he doesn't need the Eagle Cals i donated. I have asked him to pm a mod to confirm his choice so it can be re-drawn.


Thanks to K2 for all the hard work done in putting this fantastic event together. And also to the many generous donators from around the globe

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