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  1. Thank you both for your replies, forgot about the undercarriage. Hmm, might have to try and hunt a B kit out then in the UK which I’ve never listed on websites. Thank you once again.
  2. Argh, forgot about the undercarriage. Am I better off looking for a SUFA boxing instead? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi All, I was wondering how easy this kit would be to back date to a Aggressor F-16D block 30, I know the intake/engine combo probably isnt right so would look at zactomodels for the intake and elsewhere for the right exhaust. I was just wondering if it had the hump (not sure what it is called) behind the cockpit canopy in the kit or is it just the straight front to tail spine. I’ve managed to find instructions for the kit but nothing on parts breakdown or open box reviews. Many thanks, Ashley
  4. Sure was great to chat with you Nic , and all the very best with all your future releases, they are fantastic books. All thr best, Ashley
  5. Happy modelling holidays everyone and many thanks Kevin for a fantastic raffle. Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year
  6. I would like to donate x2 decal sheets as two seperate entrants please, they are; #1 Authentic Decals 32-01 Mig-23M/MF Flogger B #2 Eagle Strike 32051 Freedom Hornets Part 3 Please may I also be included into the raffle please. Thank you, Merry Christmas and good luck all. Ashley
  7. Just got the Hannants newsletter and looking at the future release part the recce one is down as a upgrade edition is that just for the recce parts or will it have some extras in with it? The TF is listed on the site also. Italeri Aircraft kits (injection) IT2514 1:32 Lockheed F-104G Recce Upgraded Edition £0.00 £0.00 http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/IT2514
  8. Hello all, I'm almost on the starting blocks for my first 1/32nd build, I'd like to model a Hornet from VFC-12 Fighting Omars with the Splinter colour scheme. I was wondering if there are any 32nd decals out there for this scheme or if anyone knows of decal sheets that could make up the markings that would be great. I've found the scheme in 48th scale from fightertown decals but nothing in 32nd. This is the only part that's stopping me going ahead at the minute. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Ashley
  9. Nice to see the TF-104 coming, both boxings saying Italian markings so will be interesting to see. Looking forward to seeing them both and some nice TF-104 aftermarket decals
  10. The TA-7 now the intake correction is coming back online 😃
  11. Awesome TF-104's happy days 😃
  12. Just been on Chris's zactomodels website and noticed the small text in the middle saying that the A-7 correction set and Su-27 canopy will be available again soon. Great news for all those that have been after these sets again. Ashley
  13. Really is looking great, shame about the decal issue as I have that set to go on mine but might turn to the mask and spray method for mine also so looking forward to seeing your finished roundals.
  14. Fantastic, will it be available separately?
  15. Spot on, two mikes did the open and closed wing glove, not sure if it came in the paragon slat and flap set in 32nd as pretty sure it did in 48th, might be worth looking at that but again long out of production. I know relish models have some 32nd resin items that they produce but don't think the seal is one of them. There's always the etch way from the flightpath set. Hope that helps. Ashley
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