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  1. P-51D Man

    LSP Christmas Raffle Winners!!!

    Great news I received my Revell Hawk today loaded with lots of aftermarket goodies. Thank you very much. And thank you to the LSP members who donated so many wonderful items.
  2. P-51D Man

    LSP Christmas Raffle Winners!!!

    Yes, thanks K-2 you are top of it. Great job.
  3. P-51D Man

    LSP Christmas Raffle Winners!!!

    that is awesome.
  4. P-51D Man

    1/72 Ozark Airlines mask

    The place where I work there is a friend of mine who worked for Ozark, the TWA, then American. We talk all the time.
  5. P-51D Man

    1/72 Ozark Airlines mask

    Sorry about taking so long to get back. Very hectic here. I have a decal sheet and I have to dig it up and I will scan it. Can I post it on this thread?
  6. P-51D Man

    1/72 Ozark Airlines mask

    I was wondering how much to have two mask set made for a Ozark Airlines DC-9 in 1/72 old colors made? Just the logo, and name. Thanks Ed
  7. P-51D Man

    1/32 F-18C Academy Kit

    Sad news is I did not finish it.It is in the closet. I need to get a resin cockpit as I screwed up the kit one. A bad habbit of mine. Start, start and not finish.
  8. P-51D Man

    P-51 and F-51

    I think that is how I came up with the name for me on this site. Working on a model and could not think of what to use so is just figured working on the P-51D so why not use that. LOL.
  9. P-51D Man

    P-51 and F-51

    I like that. I like that alot. LOL.
  10. P-51D Man

    P-51 and F-51

    Ok fellas, so I watched a good war movie last night called Battle Hymn. Set during the Korean war. The aircraft used were F-51 mustang. So what is the difference between the P-51 Mustang and the F-51 Mustang? This has me wondering. Ed
  11. P-51D Man

    Splintered Flanker

    I have that kit also, it was a birthday gift one year. I too lookforward to building this bad boy. And you are correct, it deserves all attention when building it. Keep the pics coming. I look forward to seeing it. Ed
  12. P-51D Man

    Tamiya Mosquito and Spitfire

    I like the detail on the cockpit. Good job.
  13. P-51D Man

    MPC shuttle Tydirium

    Awesome. Kind of makes me want to get back on my star destroy, Saturn V rocket and my huge almost 36 inches 1/350 scale USS Enterprise by polar lights. Keep up posted on this. Ed
  14. I have not forgotten about that either. I just can not get enough of the stuff.
  15. P-51D Man

    He 111 Stuff

    Thanks Harv. . Much appreciated.