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2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners


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7 hours ago, Erwin said:



The winner of my 1/24 th Rufe-set (masks and PE seat belts) has informed me that it can go back into the raffle .


I leave it up to the Staff .


I can also offer it to any member with the Rufe kit that will use the set.


I can draw a new name, Erwin, as at this point that's not a real problem. When I do, I'll announce it here and edit the winners list. OK, the new winner of the Rufe mask and Japanese seatbelts is CANicoll.

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1 hour ago, AlanG said:

Madmusky has pm'd me to say he doesn't need the Eagle Cals i donated. I have asked him to pm a mod to confirm his choice so it can be re-drawn.


Thanks to K2 for all the hard work done in putting this fantastic event together. And also to the many generous donators from around the globe


OK, I just pulled a new name, and that winner is: MARU5137.

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37 minutes ago, Neo said:

Hi Thefenders


As mentionned by k2 some ppl got 2 prizes since there where more prizes than participants.. how crazy is that!!

But did everybody win a prize, or did some win two and some win none?!

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4 minutes ago, mozart said:

But did everybody win a prize, or did some win two and some win none?!

Only K2 can tell for sure.


But if i remember for the main thread i think K2 said once all name have gone he would start over with all name. But dont quote me on that one ;)

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18 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

Since there were more gifts than recipients, some lucky folks ended up winning more than one item, so please check this list carefully to see if you're one of those lucky few.

See first post of the thread.




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44 minutes ago, MARU5137 said:

Thank you Kevin2 ..you did a goid job.:thumbsup::clap2:


I have a really OCD kinda question...:o


I don't see Southern Bandits Donated kits and his Mosquito book on the list.

He did offer the kits and a book  on Mosquito..


Didn't get that put into the Draw.. 


I read through the list as shown on page 1 with donated kits etc ..the donor of the items and winners hence that OCD question. I don't  see his donated stuff...


I think I am cracking up but details matter to ME :mental:

I think your right, plus you have a good reason to remember!


He donated a swordfish and an A-7 and the mosquito book. They seam to have missed the list. 

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