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Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

The Madhatter

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This build reminds me of the (apocryphal) story I heard when very young. Supposedly one country tried to brag to another country about their manufacturing prowess. The bragging country sent the smallest needle that they could build to the second country, but the second cut the needle in half, drilled both halves out and threaded them to screw together. Then they placed a much smaller needle inside the first and returned both to the first country


This is sort of how many of us stand in awe of your accomplishments. Yes, I do need a microscope to build my models, but what do you use?


Congratulations on a superb accomplishment



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Hi Tnarg and thanks for the kind post! At this current point in time, I do not require any kind of magnification to work under but I think that'll change soon enough. I found my old light up magnifying lamp my wife gave me a number of years ago and I never used. I put a couple of pieces under it and was quite astonished at how clear it was. It took my eyes some getting used to but it certainly does make life a bit easier. Its a shame I didn't find it until last week otherwise I think I would have used it prolifically on this build.


I had some free time this afternoon so I took a picture of the rook panels under the black base coat. Excuse the dust that seems to have settled on all of the pieces. I have no idea when or how it got there but the damp brush will be coming out after I've finished posting to clean them all up before the first splash of grey goes on













Anyways, that's it for now but thanks for stopping in and having a look
Til next time


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Thanks Joe! Yeah, this has defo been my longest ever build and most challenging I might add. When I started this I thought I'd just add a few details here and there to busy it up some but as it went on, it just got busier amd busier. Still, I believe that the finished product will be unlike anyone elses

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Hey everyone

Some people have been wondering what kind of approach I'll be taking to painting, so for those who wanted to know, I took a couple of pics which should help answer it. I'm going to spare everyone the boredom of taking shots at every stage and just show you the first one. You'll get the idea from that. Needless to say, the painting process might take longer than first thought.




IMG_8429 IMG_8427












As this is as exciting as it gets, the next update should see these panels finished - or very close to it. It's going to be a lot of fine masking which I hope actually works. These photos also help me to remember where I placed all the masks.....

As always, thanks for stopping in and having a look


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Well, the experimental masking is done and the results are here. There are some panels which require a paint touch up because - as feared - the paint was too thin for the masks and ran under them in places. Lifted the paint off in others.

Over all though, I am pleased with how its turned out. I'm still debating whether or not to run a very thin filter coat over the whole area to tone down the enhanced panels.

I still have small detail painting, washed and dry brushing yet to go, so the look will change even more but what do you guys think? Should I leave them like they are or run a filter over the top?


















Those longer roof panels are on back to front, so ignore those and yes, I did see the  tape I left behind which has since been removed :)


As always, thanks for stopping in and having a look

Till next time


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