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Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

The Madhatter

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  • 3 months later...

hey everyone

Dusting this one off to show that I have actually started back on this yet again.
Have begun the fun task of detailing the side walls, starting off with the front. This is pretty much where I left off in the last update but I am now more advanced along. Although it may not look it, a heap of small details have been added to the lips of the 2 hull halves. Whilst they don't look like much on their own, when you add the rest of it together, it fills the spaces nicely.

I'm almost done for the front with only the right side front panel left to do which won't take long. Then naturally I'll make my way down the sides. I also have to add details to the under sides of the top half of the ship which I missed the first time round. I thought i was done detailing the top bit but alas, no

Enough words, here's some pics:




IMG_8230 IMG_8227













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I'm often asked for a size reference.Maybe this may help:




Anyway, that's all I have for now but I'll update once I'm fully finished the trenches.

Thanks for stopping by and for those who are actually still following this - you get an extra thanks for your enduring patience with me while I fumble my way through this

Till next time!


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Amazing detailing!

I broke down and bought the Bandai Star Destroyer with light kit which is leaps and bounds better than the old AMT kit, albeit a little smaller. After watching what you are doing with the Zvesda, I foresaw a ton of work to bring the AMT kit up to snuff. The Bandai kit I can live with OOB, and focus on the painting.

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If I hadn't already have bought the Zvezda, I would have bought the Bandai kit. In a way I'm glad I didn't as I personally feel its too small, whereas the Zvezda is just right and is in roughly the same scale as some other capital ships like the Venator. 

Ive read about a few issues with the Bandai kit with light leaks and a bowed hull,  but none of them are insurmountable. 

Must be nice to be able to build something OOB. Might try it one day :lol:

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thanks Neo - I must admit, I am also looking forward to the end :D

So, I finally got round to finishing off the spot lights up front and thought I'd do a dry fit /light test, and thought I would share my happy results

Yes, I probably should have gone with cool white, but I prefer the look of the warmer white.










Well, that's it but feel free to share your thoughts - good or bad.

As always, thanks for looking




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone

Thought I would update this while I have some spare time.

Work continues on the sidewalls with only one wall left on the starboard side and only 2.5 left to do on the other

I am pretty happy with how its coming along.
















I haven't quite finished the one above but I'm pretty much there

I'll post another update when I have finished the whole side

thanks as always for looking



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I had the top on briefly tonight whilst I was marking out where the next load of floodlights were going to go and I added the roof etc just to see how its looking. I am really happy with how it's looking! (just do what I do and look past the current gaps :D )








I thought it's looking pretty frickin' cool myself. I just took those 3 pics then as I thought it looked good enough to share. Never mind the extraordinary orange wall behind. I try to forget it myself

thanks again



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