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  1. A little. There is a separate launch module in the box with two 1/144 rangers you can mount on top of a 1/144 Saturn 5, just like the movie.
  2. Thanks Kev. The method I showed allows you to calculate any scale from any other, so good luck with the maths everyone!
  3. To go from 1/48 to 1/32: Measure the item you have in 1/48 (metric or imperial) and then multiply by 48 - that gets you to 1/1. Then to go to 1/32, divide your calculation by 32. eg. I measure a dimension of my 1/48 piece as say 50 mm. Then multiply that by 48 gives me 2400 mm in the real world = 1/1. Then to get to 1/32, divide 2400 by 32 = 75 mm.
  4. Brian, try mushrooming the ends of the fibres with a match to create a lens on the end of the fibre.
  5. Excellent work Vaughn, at least it is solid cast resin. I have one of these, and some of it is hollow cast, which presents a whole other set of challenges. Ive started working on it based on this post - only 100 ever cast. http://www.starshipmodeler.com/starwars/ta_probe.htm
  6. Watch out for Drop Bears, they will be in season at that time of the year. And be aware that if you are in Sydney they close the Harbour Bridge at 5 every evening for an hour to let the kangaroos go back north
  7. With travelling for work this year, there hasn’t been much time for anything large scale......so here is my almost completed Schira Dow from the anime Wings of Honneamise. The kit is made by Plum in Japan, and comes in a lovely magenta plastic (matching the anime colours). I’ve finished this in a 3 grey scheme instead with leftover decals from various Maschinen Krieger sets. Comments always welcome
  8. I agree, fabulous paint work. However, yes, E2046 are recasters. They do have their own line but that is funded (I imagine) by their other activities. However, this is not to derail the OP's thread which is, I'll state again, fabulous work
  9. Hi Tim, I think you may have a slightly crossed wire. Carbon Dioxide is an asphyxiant (ie it displaces oxygen), but it is not flammable. Carbon Monoxide on the other hand is both toxic (it binds to the haemoglobin in your blood - it is a reversible reaction but the half life is quite long) and flammable. Carbon monoxide is generally made during poor combustion, but you have neither in what you describe. As long as the space is well ventilated there is unlikely to be any issues with you using the CO2 for airbrushing, you should be fine. The heater will not be an issue. As always, treat compressed gases with respect. Brendan
  10. Have fun. There is sooooo much you can do with this kit. This is mine............
  11. Kev, Yes he does come in a boxing with R2-D2, I've never seen him sold separately
  12. Whoa! A blast from the past. Kev, he is about 3" tall. Regards, Brendan
  13. Hi all, apologies but I have been travelling for work in India and was not aware that the links were not working. They should be fixed now
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