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  1. Depends on which genre you are talking about. LSP sure, very slow. Science fiction recently (as alluded to in another post) very active. Especially in the Ma.K universe (with Wave).
  2. Robots.................not in the Gundam Universe! Piloted Mobile Suits or Mobile Armour that need to battle in line of sight due to the Minovsky effect! Nice start John, although I have to admit the UC designs will always be my favourite!
  3. No, it should be a hollow all the way through, but some times you see a bluff body at the entrance to increase the pressure drop (relates to velocity). There should be a tapping point at the throat and then one half the diameter of the throat (for a classical venturi) along the shallower expanding section. The difference in pressure between the two relates to airspeed.
  4. Hi Kev, You might want to check your venturi installation. The longer tapering section should be at the back to assist with pressure recovery. Brendan
  5. Just the runners (sprues) of the kit. No instructions (I don't think) or anything else. Usually packed in a white box.
  6. Just a suggestion about the piano wire, mark the locations of the supports on the top of the litter, remove the existing wire and then drill through the litter into the base below. insert the wire from the top and cut flush.
  7. Just some background on the company, it is owned by Allen Ury, and originally the site was purely a collection of images of kits that Allen had collected (and for the most part built) over a long history as a modeller with comments on the source material, availability and rarity. If you look around there is some ultra rare stuff in there, including some of the Revell kits from Dune! Several years ago, Allen got into the model producing business, and yes, all of them are resin. Some are made by Anigrand Craftworks, others are contracted out. The subjects can tend to be somewhat obsc
  8. Not so great at the documentation side of things, but I'll try. A conversion of the Trumpeter CH-47D to a SOAR MH-47G using Werner's conversion kit. There might be a smattering of Cobra Company stuff in there too, but so far, I've remade pretty much most of the components in that set. First things first, one of the defining characteristics are the enlarged fuel tanks. As Werner notes, the starboard one is cast short, so it was lengthened to fit. Held in place with 5 minute epoxy and brass pins...... Fits! Needs to be blended in top and bottom.
  9. Because people have an aversion to resin (and potentially its cost I guess). I see it at my local club. AM parts yes, but a whole kit, generally no.
  10. Thanks - I've been watching your Star Destroyer come together and I keep thinking I need to start my Anigrand one.......... As for the paint job, there are no real canon paint schemes from the Ma.K universe so anything goes. There is I guess a technically correct way that was used by Kow Yokoyama (the "father figure" of the whole Ma.K universe) to actually paint the figures but I have to admit I've never followed it. As for this scheme, given the craft is a Stingray, I based the camouflage on a real world stingray: The decals are out of the box (mostly) or
  11. Better overall images. Shading and weathering next
  12. So this is technically large scale, but a spaceship from the Ma.K universe - an orbital weapons system developed by the Mercenary forces. Anyway.......the interior is rather empty and it you leave the large top hatch off it is quite visible. So it was filled with all sorts of greeblies = 1/48 flak trailers parts, gundam parts, bits from the old 1/32 Mirage, what ever looked good: Sealed up and then you can have your spaceship in which ever colour you like as long as its blue............. With the Stig's cuz for the future pilot (cobbled togethe
  13. Its been a while, but things have been getting done in the background (just not many things with cockpits)........... Anyway, the Tamiya Opel Blitz in 1/48, with the Tamiya 20 mm Flakvierling on the bed, all out of the box apart from some matchsticks, paddle pop sticks and barrels. Comments welcome. Still trying to decide as to whether I should add some empty shells from brass tubing. They would only be about 5 mm long
  14. Thanks David - that's just the answer I was hoping for. Hope you don't mind me pinching that idea.
  15. Well, with the current conditions, I thought I may as well get stuck into my Werner's Wings conversion for the CH-47D. I was looking for some pilots though and might have come up short. Neither of the two Trumpeter offerings seem to fit the bill, and I don't know enough to know if the newer black hawk offerings from Reed Oak are appropriate. Any suggestions? Cheers, Brendan
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