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  1. Watch out for Drop Bears, they will be in season at that time of the year. And be aware that if you are in Sydney they close the Harbour Bridge at 5 every evening for an hour to let the kangaroos go back north
  2. With travelling for work this year, there hasn’t been much time for anything large scale......so here is my almost completed Schira Dow from the anime Wings of Honneamise. The kit is made by Plum in Japan, and comes in a lovely magenta plastic (matching the anime colours). I’ve finished this in a 3 grey scheme instead with leftover decals from various Maschinen Krieger sets. Comments always welcome
  3. I agree, fabulous paint work. However, yes, E2046 are recasters. They do have their own line but that is funded (I imagine) by their other activities. However, this is not to derail the OP's thread which is, I'll state again, fabulous work
  4. Hi Tim, I think you may have a slightly crossed wire. Carbon Dioxide is an asphyxiant (ie it displaces oxygen), but it is not flammable. Carbon Monoxide on the other hand is both toxic (it binds to the haemoglobin in your blood - it is a reversible reaction but the half life is quite long) and flammable. Carbon monoxide is generally made during poor combustion, but you have neither in what you describe. As long as the space is well ventilated there is unlikely to be any issues with you using the CO2 for airbrushing, you should be fine. The heater will not be an issue. As always, treat compressed gases with respect. Brendan
  5. Have fun. There is sooooo much you can do with this kit. This is mine............
  6. Kev, Yes he does come in a boxing with R2-D2, I've never seen him sold separately
  7. Whoa! A blast from the past. Kev, he is about 3" tall. Regards, Brendan
  8. Hi all, apologies but I have been travelling for work in India and was not aware that the links were not working. They should be fixed now
  9. Tada! Nitto SAFS (Super Armoured Fighting Suit) with a resin cat for a pilot. The control knobs are push pins. Waiting for weathering and a flat coat. It will probably end up chasing a large ball of wool across a chequered linoleum floor. Criticisms and comments welcome Brendan
  10. Thanks all. Tnarg, this is the Wave release of the Oskar, with the Hexamodel engine set including their base. Pretty much everything that you see is included in the combination of both sets excluding the power cable running to the head from the hull (that's a 2mm spring), some phone cabling for the engine and the hydraulics hoses for the rams. The hull texture is Mr Surfacer 1200 stippled on with a stiff brush and then knocked back ever so slightly with a sheet of 600 wet and dry. The casting numbers are the sprue numbers from a 1/48 Tamiya Wirbelwind kit sliced off and melted into place on the hull with Tamiya extra thin. Since I have not used the base from the Wave Oskar, I can use it on my Modelkasten Oskar which uses a vac form hull and doesn't come with a base. I wish I had bought the heavy armour set for that one, but I should be able to scratch it. I do, however, have the Hexamodel Dollhouse in 1/20. It's Yuuuuuge........
  11. Thanks Tom. Nothing more than a field replacement. And I had some neat Uschi masks lying around!
  12. I should note that since these shots the smoke launchers have been touched up slightly as they do protrude from the hull and would be subject to impact.
  13. Hey guys, Now fully constructed. I have a 1/20 mechanic (or two) to go with it that I need to paint up to give a relative size. There are some pictures on Facetube as well but since I am at work I don't have access to them (and not sure if I'm competent enough to link them anyway!) Criticisms/comments welcome. Brendan
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