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"Willie the Whale", FINISHED

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Never going to finish this one in time for the deadline, but i think its the right place to start, so here goes:

waiting for some parts for my corsair, so i put it on hold.

i have been reseraching the F3D for quite a while and got the tigger vac, so no turning back now. this is what you get:

43268605372_b2916fb98b_h.jpg001 by karl holubar, auf Flickr


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last, but not least the references. i collected a lot of pics, but wartime photos are scarce. the restos of the doorguards and museum planes have to be used with a grain of salt, most are later electronic warfare aircraft just painted black.

the books (all very necessairy):


41508417910_99f5f888ef_h.jpg004 by karl holubar, auf Flickr


havent built a full airplane vac in large scale (only 72 and armor), so this will be quite a challenge

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i want to do WF-17, because it has mission marks and was used on a Mig 15 kill. i dont know the number of the aircraft, as its very hard to find these out. i made an excel sheet with all known planes, their names, mission marks and stars as well as numbers if they are availible. here is the pic:


28449156247_3dc181d8e4_h.jpg6083_Night_Wings_USMC_Night_Fighters_1942-1953 by karl holubar, auf Flickr


can anyone read the names? these are not the pilot names (these are known - no pilot names were painted on the aircraft), they seem the be the crewchiefs

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