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Aussie target tug Mustang VH-BOY (from Hasegawa 1/32 P-51D kit)

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While searching for wheels for a CAC Ceres build I picked up a Hasegawa Mustang kit quite cheaply. I was originally just going to use the kit's wheels, but then I thought it might be fun to build the Mustang as A68-39, VH-BOY, known as "Yankee",  one of the target-towing aircraft flown by Fawcett Aviation out of Bankstown in the 50's.


Fawcett's two Mustangs (VH-BOY "Yankee" and VH-BOZ "Miss Zulu") wore many colour schemes during their careers, but I quite like the early silver and red colours carried by "Yankee":



This build will be mostly OOB (a few small changes for the target towing gear), but since the interior of the Hasegawa kit is such a "blank canvas" I'm in dire need of pictures of the interior of a two-seat Mustang... can anyone help? 

The fuselage fuel cell was removed and an observer's seat was installed behind the pilot, facing rearwards, to assist with target deployment and retrieval activities.


Here's a shot of Fawcett's "Miss Zulu" in the same red speedbird colours (slightly different spinner) and showing the starboard-mounted propeller to power the target towing winch:



I have David Muir's excellent (but costly) Southern Cross Mustangs book for reference, but sadly no interior photos...



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photos went missing
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Searching for references for this build, I contacted Geoff Goodall - luckily he is in the middle of updating his "Mustangs in Australia" web page, and he sent me a bunch of high resolution photos of VH-BOY. Fantastic.


You can see Geoff's Mustang page here: Mustangs in Australia   He already has a couple of images of VH-BOY shown.


One of the photos is in colour and confirms the wheel wells were silver (not green) inside. Very helpful.


Still waiting for details of the Type B target towing winch from a contact in the UK, but an image from Spitfire Spares gives an indication of the appearance of the internal part of the winch:


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Hello Derek.


thanks for the update and the Link.:clap2:




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Thought this was Derk B from UK so congratulated him on his move to Aussieland but this is another Derek B so deleted the congratulatory comment. :doh:
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5 hours ago, mattlow said:

Different Derek Maru.. This Mustang conversion is Derek Buckmaster's work.


Interesting project Derek, interesting website as well...



Matt... Thank you. MY BAD.


:doh:  :rofl:


even SO great choice... Will follow.


Mr Buckmaster  looks uncannily like Derk B from UK.  :coolio:



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14 hours ago, MARU5137 said:



Mr Buckmaster  looks uncannily like Derk B from UK.  :coolio:




Maru, yes, I can understand the confusion!


Derek B from UK (not me) and Derek B from Australia (me)!


And to cap it off I'm on vacation in London for 2 weeks at the moment, so Derek B from Australia is in the UK!

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Spent a couple of hours in the reading room at the RAF Museum in Hendon (London) yesterday, so now I have copies of a full set of manuals and details for the Type B target towing winch, including the drawings below.



IMG_7249 by Derek Buckmaster, on Flickr


Muir's Southern Cross Mustangs book shows details of the external section of the towing winch, but nothing about the internal part. This collection gives me all the detail I need for the section of the winch inside the cockpit, so now I just need to scale this to 1/32 and start work on building it...

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Continuing my preparations for this build...


Firstly, I decided that the Hasegawa kit's sparse cockpit details were not going to cut it, since most of the focus for this model is around the cockpit and the modifications for the target towing gear and rear seat. So I sourced a cockpit sprue from the Tamiya P51-D/K Pacific Mustang kit from eBay.


Second, I needed better seats, so I purchased two Barracuda Cast seats. So far I haven't found any photos showing the interior of VH-BOZ in target towing configuration, but these seats will be a good start.


Third, I picked up an excellent set of photos of VH-BOZ from "The Collection" (search for them on eBay), selected by David Muir, author of Southern Cross Mustangs. These are all very useful.




I'm currently working on a 3D CAD model of the Type B towing winch, so that I can get one printed by Shapeways...

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