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Recycling a Thunderbolt

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 If you never take a risk or chance you will never know your capabilities  and SO I applaud your courageous  act of recycling the 1:32 scale Thunderbolt..  Bravo...:clap2:


Welcome  to the Dark side...:evil_laugh:


it looks great.NEAT start on the Cowling..:thumbsup:


keep it up .following with GREAT enthusiasm to see the transformation.



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I have been concentrating on my Mustang for a few weeks but at last I've had some time to dedicate to my Thunderbolt.  The main painting is completed as are the painted marking,  and it was nice to paint something other than NMF for a change after my last 2 builds!  My main issue with this kit the first time around was that the OD paintwork was too dark,  Ive addressed that this time around and am much happier.  Next a bit of chipping then a gloss coat, decals and on to weathering.








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Im on a roll with this model at the moment...it won't last!   Ive have finished all of the chipping with a prismacolour pencil,  it looks a little stark at the moment but from experience when i add filters, washes and oil shading it will be toned down a lot and will add a nice  variation to the finish.  I have included a picture of it with my other WIP my Mustang, its fascinating building these 2 iconic aircraft side by side.  The P51 is beautiful and sleek whilst the Thunderbolt is  quite brutish and both definitely suit there names...I was trying to decide if I had a favourite from the 2  but think i will wait till they are both finished...there is a way to go yet!






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That's beautiful work, and the checkered cowl is outstanding!


I'm curious, though, if you realize that the fuselage codes don't match the cowl markings?  The LM code is for the 62FS of the 56FG, and depending on the specific time period you're depicting would have either a solid white band 24" wide on the forward cowl (with white theater bands on the fin and stabs as well), a solid yellow band 24" wide on the cowl (with the fin and stab stripes painted out), or a solid red band 24" wide on the cowl (final cowl marking used by the 56FG).  the LM-C code is assiciated with "Boche Buster"/Rozzie Geth", one of the airplanes flown by Fred Christensen.


The black and yellow checkered diamonds on the cowl belong to the 353FG (same as your P-51).  The 353FG had squadron codes of LH (350FS), YJ (351FS), and SX (352FS).


Perhaps you don't care, and if so, that's fine, but since you seemed to take such care and effort with the finishing of the model, I thought you might want this info.

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Hi - like some have already said I thought the original scheme in your first photo looked pretty darn good! - I do like to see old models recycled too - I was very interested to see your masking technique on the cowling and the results on the P47 and also that Mustang on your desk


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