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Hello there,

this might be a bit ambitious, but I try to make the polish medium bomber PZL.37 in 1/32 scale, using 3d-printing. It seems that the PZL.37 was one of the best, if not the best aircraft of its kind in service in 1939.
I was inspired by this polish forum thread about creating an awesome 3d-model of this aircraft.



Unfortunately I don't understand the polish language, except of the word piwo  :beer4: 

I bought a 1/33 cardboard model of the PZL.37, which offers many cross-sections that are crucial for a 3d-model. For the general outline, I use the plan from the polish site mentioned above.











So, I'm curious myself if and how this will turn out :)


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So, I now printed the main fuselage parts. The forward three halves are in fact devided into left and right parts, which are slightly connected in the 3d-model, but should be (hopefully) easy be cut into two halves. The forward three segments are glued together, using connection pins to keep allignment. Once the cut-out for the canopy is cleaned up, the fuselage will cut into two halves for interior details.












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Thanks guys! The parts are printed with an Ultimaker 3 machine. For the 3d-models, I sill use Sketchup. There might be more capable programms out there, but I like it, and as long as I can realize my projects, I'll stay with Sketchup.

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