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  1. I've done some 1/72, and 1/35 from them, and I liked the quality very much. Best, Krzysztof
  2. krzy65siek


    Alex, on your materials German bombs matejko77 is refering to, are 100 kg PuW and 300 kg PuW bomb. I'm not sure if they were produced in Poland, or just were captured on German airfields in 1918. Best Regards, Krzysztof
  3. Any one has a contact with Vertigo guys? I ordered jig directly from their site two weeks ago, but has no contact from them since then. I was trying to reach them by email, but no response... Best Regards, Krzysztof
  4. Well, I have painted one model with it (Orange line). Orange line is a lacquer, so I thinned it with Mr. Leveling Thinner. It sprayed good, same as Mr. Color lacquers. I haven't compared them with MRP (as I just recently bought some MRPs). I was not very happy with color match, but as a paint it was really nice. I have Dewoitine D-520 in my stash, and I plan to use their French color set. Best Regards, Krzysztof
  5. Most of them esp. officers were arrested and prosecuted. Many were sentenced to prison, and some to death penalty (including Stanislaw Skalski, best Polish pilot of ww2). Best, Krzysztof
  6. krzy65siek


    But there is PZL P.11c, PWS P.26, and P-37 Engine (Pegasus XX) in Krakow... how could you miss them? Best Regards, Krzysztof
  7. It looks great. Both model, and the paintwork. I was not aware the C and F versions differed so much. I was always curious about Polish Airforce vs Soviet scenario, and I think Romanians showed (as they used a lot of Polish airplanes) that it would be very balanced struggle. More balanced than Polish Airforce vs Luftwaffe. Best Regards, Krzysztof
  8. But do Tamiya or Vallejo provide Magenta or Cyan color? If not, it is not possible to have CMYK mixer... And there is plenty of colors you cannot get in CMYK like insignia blue for example or many others. I'm pretty sure some paints (especially the bright colors) are very often created with specific pigments, not just CMY mixture. Juggernut - RGB mixes for paints? It would be kind of new, if I understand it correctly RGB color is created in different way: screen is emitting light, while paint on surface is reflecting light. Best Regards, Krzysztof
  9. krzy65siek


    Is this ABS or PLA filament? If ABS, do you have problems with shrinkage? Best, Krzysztof
  10. krzy65siek


    It is amazing. Best, Krzysztof
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