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1/18th Fw-190 from HobbyBoss

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Very cool! Probably a good choice of aircraft for the first one. 


Still though, too big for me. I'll have enough trouble making room for two 1/24 Mustangs. Although if they ever release a 1/18 Mustang I'll likely change my tune...

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Once you get the English language version up...... this is the translation!


1:18     Brazilian EMB312 Tucano     ITEM No.: 81802


​Now that WOULD be interesting........and I love the old butcher bird too!!

​I guess it'll be the artworked subject though.


Could be tempted here.  :blush: 

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I'll display it next to my 1/32 B-29...


Be careful with holding that thought! LOL!  :whistle: 

Someone I know is seriously looking at this, they do say be careful for what you wish for.......who knows, crazy days???? :)    

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