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1/18th Fw-190 from HobbyBoss

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Hanging from the ceiling of my shop, I have the following 1/18 scale, 21st Century Toys planes:



P-51D (x2)

P-47 Razorback

TBM Avenger

Spitfire Mk.I



Ju 87B

Bf 109E (x2)

Bf 109G (x2)

Fw 190D-9


Always dreamed of a 190A, but haven't bought anymore of the big planes in years. This would be a great excuse to get one and, being able to paint it how I want from the start, is also appealing. I am anxious to see more details when they come out. I'm trying to stick to 1/32 scale (just finished a 190A-8 this morning, in fact!), but this is probably my all time favorite plane, so having a monster version is going to be difficult to pass up!



True, similar to you I have the big stuff hanging;

21st Cent.  Me-109E

21st Cent.  Spitfire Mk.1

21st Cent. P-38 McGuire

21st Cent. P-51D Old Crow

21st Cent. P-47D Bubble

21st Cent. F4U-1D

21st Cent. TBM Grey

21st Cent. BF-109G-6

21st Cent. FW-190D-9 Black 12

21st Cent. P-40B British

21st Cent. Me-262B Night

Pegasus V-1

Pegasus X-1

21st Cent. Mig-15

21st Cent. F-86

21st Cent. F-104 George AFB


Sure to get this FW-190A to join the Squadron of flight history

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This might make a cool ceiling queen, with a sweet paint job. They make any 1/18th pilots?


You can usually find the carded (and loose) 21stCen pilots on ebay, but certainly not for the $1 they were going for when the company went under and the retailers were closing them out.


I got rid of most of mine when I dropped to 1/32, but I still have the Corsair and the Sabrejet. Looking to sell those, but the Corsair took a dive some years ago and broke the wing hinges (never worked quite right anyway) and part of a landing gear cover disappeared off the Sabrejet.

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The instructions:






I looked at the kit at this link and it is what everyone thinks it is.  It looked like a really big 1/48 kit to me.  You may have seen it Trumpeter did a 1/48 U-Boat which is fully detailed inside and out, Hobby Boss could have done a lot more with this kit.  Years ago I built the Eduard 1/48 FW-190A and it had several times the detail this does, complete engine, excellent wheel bays etc.  The fit was dicy, but more about skill of the builder than fault of Eduard.  I was able to get mine together and looking good but the motor was not easy.


I look foreword to a high quality big 190 as it is a subject I really like.

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Guest Vulcan32

Mine arrived yesterday, got it at eBay for Euro 70,-.

It´s very basic and some parts are just wrong, but for this price  it´s a good starting point.

I will take it to HpH in December and we will have a look what we can do, maybe there´s an upgrade set in the future.

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I held off on the A-5....Now the 2018 HB catalogue shows the 190 A8.

Hey master model....eduard....how about some wheels, a seat, belts, buckles, and gun barrels.




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Guest Martinnfb

Gear bay looks like complete joke. 

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