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SAAB J-29F/B from Fly model

Guest Martinnfb

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I have some issues with that "afterburner". I don't want to sound negative but there is something wrong here. 

The exhaust and afterburner of the J 29F does not look anything like that. The non-afterburning engine of the earlier versions on the other hand... 


I visited a friend of mine yesterday. He happens to own a RM2 (DH Ghost) engine of that earlier version. 

Here are some pics: 












This does look like the parts from the Resin2Detail, doesn't it? 

Does this mean that he actually did a non-afterburner engine exhaust but with the larger dimensions of the J 29F engine? 


Here are some pics of the afterburner of the J 29F for comparison. 

From the manual... 






And a pic of a preserved J 29F. 




And finally some from when I scanned my J 29F at the museum. I'll be using these to 3d-print a 1/32 version... 











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Hi everyone!


Brian here from Resin2detail.  I wanted first to thank everyone for the extremely informative thread on the J-29 and to also sincerely apologize for our inaccurate exhaust and afterburner design.  We take accuracy and quality very seriously -- these are central to our mission. 


The J-29 F afterburner is being re-worked and the customers who purchased from us initially are receiving replacement parts in about 2 weeks - no action is required on their part.


This misstep is a reminder how important community engagement is to the research phase of a project and will help us to improve even more moving forward.  It's dedicated modelers and aviation historians that make our hobby more enlightening, interesting and fulfilling!  Each project is a journey.


Thank you again for your support and understanding!





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Hi everyone,


Brian again - so here is where the redesign stands at the moment ... Does anyone have access to close-up pictures of the burner nozzle at the end of the compression chamber? I know it's very different from the axial flow compressor on the DeHavilland Ghost.  Thanks for your help!  278369744_1941711452686264_6551574630883278378733_1941711442686265_7252321374965

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