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  1. Awesome stuff! Same here, I'll buy whatever you come up with. /Stoffe
  2. Yes please, make some new wheels as well. I will buy whatever you make. /Stoffe
  3. Your Viggen is looking great and I love your mess on the bench
  4. This is the info I received from Jetmads regarding the Draken: "Hello, Our production team has just been notified of your replacement parts, which you will be sent at the earliest convenience. Please be informed that our design team is currently working on the 1:32 J35 Draken and we will be pleased to announce the release date when the design is complete. Kind Regards, JETMADS Team" Well not much info there so we'll just have to wait and see what happens I guess.
  5. Yes, it's a good idea checking it. I have received two copies, awaiting a third, and on one of my Viggens the intake fan and one of the airbrakes were short shot. Haven't contacted Jetmads yet but I will.
  6. Yes, well if someone offers me a huge sum of money for one of my Viggens in the future I'm not gonna say no... But I do plan to build at least one of them. I also hope there's gonna be more variants coming from Jetmads.
  7. Just paid ransom for my second Viggen of the first batch. I also ordered one copy from the second batch. You can never have too many Viggens. /Stoffe
  8. Received mine last week. Had a quick look through and I couldn't find anything damaged. One wingtip was slightly bent though, maybe a dip in hot water could fix this? /Stoffe
  9. I am glad you're making more frequent updates, guess you're inspired by the Jetmads builds going on in this forum? Keep up the good work, I'm watching. /Stoffe
  10. Lots of work on this kit that's for sure but you're getting there. What thinner do you use for the Tamiya white putty?
  11. I think someone mentioned on another forum that it might be a good idea to seal the edges of the masking tape with the same colour before masking for the next colour. To prevent the next paint to creep under the edges of the tape. If you know what I mean? /Stoffe
  12. Is it necessary to add weights in the nose of this model? I mean to avoid having a tailsitter? Great job btw, I am surely following along on this build. /Stoffe
  13. My Viggen has been shipped too, finally. Mine is #10615. Happy days
  14. I wasn't counting the grey either. Swedish splinter camo on Viggen consists of black, dark green, light green and small areas of tan with grey undersides. Really looking forward to this release.
  15. Sorry but it says "i lager: nej". That means not in stock. I've been looking for this book myself but it's out of stock everywhere it seems.
  16. Thanks for the great tutorial. I really should print it and put it on the wall of my mancave for easy access when doing some painting. Cheers Stoffe
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