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Lukgraph SBU-1 Corsair FINISHED


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Thanks for the explanation Eric, Neat way to keep building when the paint is still drying!


 Due to each wheel being cambered from the vertical axis it was necessary to paint them and then glue them to the model before sanding the flat spots to ensure alignement with the ground when the model is complete.


How did you sand the wheels flat fitted to the model without them barking off? Just moving the whole model on a sheet of sandpaper back and forth?


Cheers, Peter

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Thanks for all the nice comments guys.


Fantastic work!  Using the masks really enhances the paint and looks much better than decals.  The rigging really looks cool too, what did you use for that?



I used Prym Knitting in elastic, the same as the one available on the Wingnut Wings site. It is a little thin for this build but is a compromise that I can live with due to its ability to remain under tension and also allow for some mistreatment when moving the model around.


Exceptional results Eric! clean build with great details  :thumbsup:


Thanks Jan, I looked at your build many times for reference during construction of this one.



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