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1/32 Hobbycraft RAF P-51 Mustang Mk.1a FINISHED !!!


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Got started on this one recently.

Hobbycraft's kit is completely upscaled version of the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Mustangs moulds. Everything same but in 1/32 scale. :thumbsup:

I decided to use Vector P-51 Mustang set to modify cockpit. This set looks really excellent in detail and casting quality.  :)






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huh, after building their Sea Fury I figured their kits were beyond basic...so this one is good?

As I mentioned above, I can define this Hobbycraft kit as an "Accurate Miniatures P-51 Mustang" adjusted to 1/32 scale entirely. That s why some details- designed for 1/48- becomes unsufficient and rude in this scale. So I have decided to upgrade especially cockpit and got the Vector's cockpit set .

It s really excellent.

Additonally, all plastic parts have granular surface, meaninglessly. It needs some abrasives works before painting.

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