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  1. Excellent work, and a lovely paint job! But I have a question about that seat-- did version c of the A6M5 have a seat like that, or did Hasegawa take some liberties?
  2. What a nice rendition of Toyoshima's Zeke you have here Whitey! That's a nice clean model.
  3. Excellent stuff going on here. Love to watch a master at work!
  4. Very nice looking Corsair Miloslav! I like this scheme, it's a bit different than the usual!
  5. Thank you guys! I just realized I forgot to install the 20mm gun barrels when I took these pics.
  6. Mike- Thank you very much--you also got the "lyrical" connection! Shaka- Thank you--I appreciate your kind words! Eagle- Thank you. I'm working on an the Tam A6M5 now... so hopefully have another built soon! Bill- Thank you sir. It's a lot of research, but in the end it came down to what I wanted it to look like. Japan had a different fighting theology at the time, didn't they? Gigant- Thank you for the complement! This was the first model I've built since the 90s, and it was tough not to rush through and finish. I have a gusto to get paint on them, and slowing down and getting all the boring parts done first really tries my patience, but I'm getting better at it, thanks to the many fine contributors on this site. Thank you, Tom
  7. Hello- These are pics of my Tamiya A6M2 1/32nd scale Type 21. My model depicts the aircraft of NAP1/C Tsuguo Matsuyama during the 2nd strike of the Pearl Harbor attack. The kit took me a long time to build, mainly due to life's interruptions, such as going back to college for a master's degree, and other situations. Anyway, it's an excellent kit, the fit is great unless you add too many details (I found that out during the build and it slowed me down) but, in the end, the kit fits together easily (typical of Tamiya), and it was a lot of fun. I used mostly GSI Mr. Hobby Colors for the build, along with Taiya paints, Alclad II lacquer, Vallejo acrylics, lots of Future, and even some blue food coloring . The tires and drop flaps were aftermarket resin, I added wiring in the cockpit and on the engine, and the seatbelts are the ones included in the kit, which are probably the weakest part of the model. Overall though, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Thanks for looking! Link to the build log: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/56908-finished-mojo-rei-sen-tamiya-mitsubishi-a6m2/
  8. Finally finished. Here she is with all decals, finishing washes and antennae wire. I will post more in READY FOR INSPECTION! It's been a nice ride! Thank you everyone for your input! Tom
  9. I finally finished this Zeke but it has taken me a while to upload them. Pictures of the final steps. adding the insignia and the ID stripes (painted on of course): Some actual finished pics coming shortly! Thanks, Tom
  10. Wonderful work once again Tolga. Thanks for sharing! Regards, Tom
  11. Beautiful and inspiring work! Man, you are a machine! Regards. Tom
  12. Great scheme and great detailed cockpit!
  13. Off to a great start I see! Definitely following...love to watch your builds Tolga! Regards, Tom
  14. I used to use those back in the day. I would use windex to thin and spray. Regards, Tom
  15. Dan- I really like what's going on here. Your scribing is immaculate, and the idea of a "wings up" 262 really makes me want to do one of my own. I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with for the base and pole. I am thinking the base will need to be very heavy. Regards, Tom
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