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Tamiya P-51D The Enchantress 1:32 |New Photos|

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Work in progress topic:


I used:

- Eduard photoetch and masks

- HGW seatbelts

- Yahu IP (outstanding!) 

- Kagero Pacific Mustangs decal set

- Brassin wheels

I added cables in engine, wheel bays and in cockpit. I made "uncle dog" antennas, but these are not entirely correct, maybe someday i will replace it with good ones from Tamiya Pacific P-51 kit. Kit is remarkable but there are some scratches on diamond surface - wheel bays are full of ejector pins and there is a nasty seam line on a canopy. When you manage with these problems overall effect is like somebody used a shrink gun on real Mustang! Finest kit i ever assembled.












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506thFG is my all-favourite Stang-unit. I would suggest to add the wing aiming-lines to top of the wings to make it unique.

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