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Trumpeter Su-25 (Basically Finished - 23/10/16)


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Hi Guys, 


My first WIP here, hopefully my first finished 32nd model and first competition in a while. 


I've always had a thing for Air to Ground birds, they always seem to be very purposeful. I've always liked USSR cold war types as well. 


I'm currently in the pit of filling, sanding, rescribing so heres some photos of my progress up to now...


First up is the cockpit. I've used the Aires item here:









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Next up is the main body, dry fitting to see what's gonna be needed...




I did notice at this stage, that the tops of the engine nacelles and the spine of the fuselage dip down in the center. I'm assuming some mold flaw or cooling contraction. It's a bit beastie. 



The intakes have lovely detail as well but a bugger of a seam line. Fortunately Eduard provide a piece that covers this entirely... 




All metallics were done with Alclad and AK interactive turbine wash for the compressor face. 


I've also started modding the tanks to be 800l versions as opposed to the larger tanks provided in the kit. 



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  • 2 weeks later...



Late decision to change to flaps and slats to retracted has meant I've got some filling work to do all along the wings. I was going to go with them down but without a pilot in, it wouldn't happen. Kit doesn't really want you to do this so some surgery needed. 


Tanks are about finished, just need to create the seams for the welds with some stretched sprue. 



I wasn't happy with the rocket pods I decided to use either. I went for the B-13L launcher, it was used late in the Afghan invasion for caves and the thick walled compounds. 




I've created the illusion of tubes on the rear which will have tube inserted to represent the rocket motors. The front end will receive a blanking plate that I've seen on most pods that I'm guessing the rockets fire through, similar to RAF fibreglass covers. 






Finished front end. 

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Awesome start on the Frogfoot.

I've really got to get back to the bench and finish mine.

Tip: for the gaps at the nacelle to fuselage join and the tail base, Perfect Plastic Putty worked great for me. I applied it with a large bore syringe and after completely dry swabbed away the excess with a damp q-tip.


Marc B.

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