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  1. Hi Filippo thank you very much. Ciao Filippo, grazie davvero di cuore. Ciao. Lu
  2. Hi guys. Thank You ver very much. I really apreciate your comments. I' really touched. Ciao. Lu
  3. Hi Ivan I saw your model last contest in Thiene ( italy). For me was the best plane and I think you had to win. Ciao Ivan, ho visto il tuo modello alla scorsa edizione del Red Devils. Anch'io ho partecipato e per me era il miglior modello nella tua categoria. Ci sono rimasto molto male sapere che il tuo B-25 non ha preso neanche un premio. Una vera ingiustizia. Per me è e rimane da medagli d'oro, per quello che può valere il mio parere. Ciao. Lu
  4. Hi Chris, really well done. I'm doing the same kit, and I really can say that is a very BAD kit. Full of innacuracies. If I could turn back , I shouldn't buy again. You made a very good build. Ciao. Lu
  5. Wow!!!!! The build is amazing, but the video is breathtaking!!!! You are the One!!!! Ciao. Lu
  6. Thanky You very much, my friend.Ciao. Lu
  7. Thank you very much!!! I cecked but i couldn't find the resin part. I'll try to contact them. Ciao. Lu
  8. Stunning!!!! No much better!!!!! How did you realize the covers " remove before flight" on the sides of nose? Ciao. Lu
  9. Thank You very Much. Grazie mille, Jennings. Ciao. Lu
  10. Hi Bryan, thank You very very very much. For the flag I printed the flag on a piece of paper, then I took a 0,1mm alluminum sheet, cut it and glued the flag on it. I waited the glue was dry and I just bended it in the shape I liked. That's it. very very easy. Ciao. Lu
  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :frantic: :frantic: :fight: :fight: This is an INCREDIBLE Build!!!!!! I love the camo, and how You did it!!!!! Ciao. Lu
  12. I forgot to say that after different grey coats, from darkner to lighter I sprayed a glossy trasparent coat. Then I used black oil color over all the board and washed it. That's it. Ciao. Lu
  13. Hi Markus, thank you for your feedback. Honestly I didn't notice the attachment stubs!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!! What a pity!!!!! Now I'll try to fix the problem. For the base I used a wooden board. Firstly I sprayed with a grey coat color. A particular color with rough surface. This evening, when I'm going to come back home I'll take a pic of the color can and I'll post it. Then I engraved the board with a hobby knife to create differents tarmac's slabs. Ciao. Lu
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