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  1. Nice, thanks for coming back to this! What was the AFV? Darren
  2. That word 'bulgeous' is unpresidented in my vocabulary. Darren
  3. I sense a common theme with the QB parts... lovely work though! Darren
  4. Well this is a pretty spectacular update to come back to after the holidays! Well done! I really like the way you've also added some dynamism to the finish considering there aren't any panel lines too. Darren
  5. Yuss! I love these planes! I tried building the Roden 1:72 kit once, and I ended up with three of the Eduard 1:48 kits... I guess acquiring the WNW kit and decals for Degelow or another Jasta 40 machine is a foregone conclusion... Darren
  6. As far as I'm aware, the only airworthy Canadian Lanc is at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON: http://www.warplane.com/aircraft/collection/details.aspx?aircraftId=4 In related news, a good time to see it (usually with the with one of the the engines stripped) is at the Heritagecon show every spring. Darren
  7. I second that, considering the low price there's a lot of handy info which will help you with your build. Darren
  8. Superb work - I don't know much about Mirages, but I know what I like! D
  9. I like where this is going! What service/theatre are you planning for it? Darren
  10. Progress... I quickly found out that the Airscale 1:32 decals are far too big for the Hasegawa IP (except for the fuel gauge you see at the far right), so much of it will be decalled with their 1:48 Japanese instrument set. Darren
  11. What if I offer you the 1:48 Italian Messerschmitt 109K-4 I left behind at Magic Box in trade for those tools? Ironically, about an hour after I mentioned that I was waiting on a parcel to arrive so I could start decalling the instrument panel, the very package I was waiting for arrived (on a Sunday?! Canada Post must be on holiday hours now...) so in preparation for that I've spent some quality time over at this site cross-referencing their Ki-61 instrument panel diagram with the Airscale sheet. I may have a photo update soon, then. Darren
  12. Thanks! I think I will rivet it, but I haven't made a definite decision yet. If not, the J2M I have in the stash will get that treatment. I'm taking my time looking for a beading tool set locally before I go online and get one. It's really tempting after seeing the results on Jay's G-10 though! D
  13. I think you're on to something with the sanding followed by some more restrained chipping. I'll be watching your progress with this as I've been thinking along similar lines for my Ki-61. P.S. I was in your neighbourhood yesterday, getting a haircut at Benny's up on Keele at Dundas. It's been a year since I moved over to the east side, but I still can't find a barber I like! Darren
  14. I can only repeat what everyone else has already said - nice work! Darren
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