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Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 P-39Q/N


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And yet, I've already had to repaint the cockpit! I thought I'd try the black basing on the interior, but it's a much more difficult approach with dark colours, and after 20 minutes of mottling on some Bronze Green over the black base, the cockpit floor still looked black! So I decided to lighten the Bronze Green to see if that was more effective, but after another 20 minutes, it just looked grey! I couldn't win that one, so I oversprayed the lot with straight Bronze Green, and I'll use my normal drybrushing and washes to get the effect I'm after. I may still try lightening it up a bit, though, as it still looks too dark, compared to a test I did over bare plastic.




What were you using for the Bronze Green? Maybe paint type is playing a role. I've painted DDG and Bronze green over black before without incident (I also use a simplified approach in cockpits...the black is really useful to avoid playing "cover the gray" and allowing natural shadows but a lot of that mottling/variation work just won't show up save on seats and bulkheads).

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On 9/30/2015 at 7:46 AM, DoogsATX said:

What were you using for the Bronze Green?


I'm using Vallejo's Model Color 70897. I thinned it for airbrushing with their own Airbrush Thinner (71.161). The result I have now looks like a really dark Olive Drab, which of course is good enough for the job, but I just couldn't get the look I was after. I remember when I used this technique on my 1/48 Rufe build, it took forever to get the IJN green to start showing its colour over the black. In the end, it looked great (see example below), which taught me to persevere with it, but as you say, there's little point in doing that inside a cockpit.





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Kev, are you venturing into the unbelievably exciting, yet trying world of Kitty Hawk decals again, or going AM?


I'll be using the kit decals as much as possible, Ernie. This is something of a review build, so that everyone can see how it goes together OOB, including how the decals perform. It'll just be a case of swapping out the PE seat belts for some HGW ones, if I can get hold of some in time. They'll be so visible in this cockpit, that I think they're a bit of a must.



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The plastic on this kit looks quite nice from what you've posted so far Kev. I know that Martin was really chomping on the bit regarding this kit. Hopefully the exhaust won't hold you up too much with the clean up. We need a lot more pictures though Kevin.  :whistle:




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I'm just doing the exhausts on mine at the moment, so I know what you mean Kev. 


Yeah, I haven't had a chance to go back and clean them up, yet. Gotta take a break to get a couple of reviews done now, so it might be few days before I have anything else to post.



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OK fellas, time for an update. I've been beavering away on this one in the background, trying to get it to a point that was worth photographing. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get it quite as far along as I'd hoped, but it's at least somewhere now. Firstly, progress with the cockpit:




Apologies for the low-contrast image - the yellow cylinders have really crushed it. They're nowhere near as neon to the naked eye, and the main structural elements look more green.


Anyway, as you can see, the entire internal structure is built around a central platform, with the cockpit in the middle, the engine behind it, and various other elements up front (including the nose guns).


So far the fit has been OK, though some of the locating holes need opening up a bit. The front pair of cylinders cause me some minor issues, as I'd inadvertently mixed the halves up between the two sets. This mean that, not only was one side upside down with respect to its locating slot, but each unit was also slightly out-of-round. So, when I pushed them into place, I lost some paint:




Unless you leave all the nose panels off, and do the requisite scratch work in that area, you'll never see underneath here, so that's OK. There's much work to do before this area is complete, though!


Here's a few shots from various angles:








Again, not a lot of contrast in the images, unfortunately.


I'll post a few photos of the engine work in the next post.



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Along with the cockpit, I've been putting the engine together:




There are a lot of parts involved here, so it pays to examine the instructions and parts carefully, and plan ahead. Even so, not everything fits as convincingly as I'd like it to, but it's all pretty workable. The instructions call for Air Superiority Blue for the main engine body, but I opted for Tamiya XF-82 Ocean Grey. It's a little dark and not quite blue enough, but looks the part to my eye.








There is one element that I don't like, however: the ignition wires. What you get is two parts that look like this:




They're poorly-moulded, overscale, and quite unrealistic. What you see in the photo above is the result after quite a bit of clean-up work, mainly removing attachment stubs and flash. The worst part, though is that there's no positive fit to the engine itself; you just kind of drape them over the existing pipe work:




The curved part at the rear just hangs in the air, and in fact curves away from the main engine. Given the level of detail involved generally, this is really poor. I'm seriously contemplating deviating from my OOB rule on this one (apart from seat belts), and modifying or even replacing these parts. I'm only going to be opening up the port engine panel, so even if I just do that side, I'll be happier I think.



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