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  1. Hi my friends Here I am again with another project that I started …the very beautifull aircraft P-40N and I am using this very nice kit of EduArt series.A really great kit includes all that you need to make a good representation of this!!the only that missing is the flap system if someone wants them in down position!!So I started with the many photoeched parts of the cockpit ….and the result as you can see is nice!!Then I continue by cutting the flap to use the eduard photoeched set of down position flap… Your opinion is importand for me Regards Philippos
  2. ok...The cockpit joined the fuselage....and closed!!The beautifull lines of this aircraft ..are barely visible!!!
  3. Hi my friends ok...the microscopic photoeched belts are ready for painting....8 clutches of 2mm each ..adjusted to the "fabric" by bending....thank you god that you keep my eyesight in good condition!!! .So...the small "office" of the Scooter is almost ready to join the fuselage!! what do you think?
  4. Thank you very very much Joel.....you help me a lot showing to me whats waiting me !!!!!!thank you i will check this out
  5. I havent decide yet...i have to check this out first and i will see what i can do....in any case thank you so much dor the warning!!
  6. Hi my friends.. I continue this project making a difficult adjustment of the resin wheel bay set of Aires....!!Added plastic card to fill the big void in the center and at the front...and soooo much rub to fit perfect the upper halves of the main wing...done!!
  7. Thank you my friend... No i will not do that...but i thinking to open the front nose little panels if i find some photos of the inside...do you have any pics of these? Thank you again mate
  8. Hi my friends, This nice project continues by assembly ..the engine and painting the visible parts Regard Philippos
  9. Hi my friends, Here iam again with another project that i ve been started and its one of my favorite aircraft the A4 Skyhawk. As i know this kit is a nice upgrade of the old Hasegawa kit, and from a first look has excellent fit and details!Becides i will use the very nice Aires cockpit set and wheel bay set! So i started with the resin cockpit ...cleaned assempled and ready for painting!Also the main body of the engine assembled and it is ready to meet the exchaust tube. Hope to have a nice result.. Regards Philippos
  10. Hi my friends, First of all i want to thank all for helpping me with the photos and advices about the accuracy checking!!My base for this check was the real thing and i think the Revell kit catches with a great way the lines of the aircraft. So...the main cockptit parts are ready for the first layer of color!The fuselage assembled and the deadly front compartment of th 4 MG 30mm canons are on!!A deadly aircraft!!! Regards Philippos
  11. Hi my friends As i was checking some parts and in the accuracy research procedure i found out different dimensions and shapes in a first comparisson with the old kit of the Trumpeter!Is the revell kit wrong at the dimensions and shapes as the comparisson photos shows or not? Opinions or some accurate blueprints need it Thank you Regards Philippos
  12. Hi my friends Ok....lets start with the cockpit!!Adding many of wires on the main dashboard and some tubes to the place of stick!!Wiring and curving its a challenging procedure! Regards Philippos
  13. Hi my friends After a very difficult project ive made the F-105G ....i decide to start the Me-262 B-1a/U1 the all new model of Revell in 1.32 scale and the main reference by Kagero mongraph - 3d Edition!The study of this just started!!...The only sure this could be a great paint challenge for my skill because of the camo that it has!! Stay tune my friends Regards Philippos
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