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1/32 Trumpeter EE Lightning F.Mk.6 XS904

Derek B

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15 hours ago, Victor K2 said:

Hi Derek,

I can attest to your modifying skills (obsession) from 38/39 years ago when you converted a 1/144 scale DH comet into a Nimrod using double bond putty (H.M. Gov brand),It was a heavy beast if my memory recalls. This, among many other projects you had on your prolific list of conversions and modifications you had on your never ending list of projects. All this gave me motivation to try and emulate what you were already achieving, which was light years ahead of anything I had achieved before or since. I still think of those days at Scampton whenever a kit requires modifications or conversion I remember your words of wisdom of using whatever is available at that time and to at least try and use the real aircraft if available to check against the kit (Matchbox Victor springs to mind and being in the R.A.F. helped was my first attempt to correcting a kits fault using H.M. Gov brand double bond to re shape the intakes as having worked on them was something I just had to ) and if not use the best references available.

It's only plastic ( or double bond) after all.

I know that your Lightning will be one of if not the most accurate construction available in any scale. I look forward to seeing the finished article.

May your kit always fit perfect and if not "fix it"


38/39 years older and still trying to catch up



Hi Bob, always a pleasure and a honour - thank you.


Good memories indeed. After my service on Lightnings, and then the Red Arrows, I moved on to the RAF Exhibition Production Flight (EPF) as a full time professional model maker - this is where my skills really were honed and took-off big time. I have always maintained that modification and conversion work on any model using only basic tools and materials (plastic sheet and epoxy putty) is well within the skills of any and every modeller, irrespective of scale or model type.


I know that you love the Victor aircraft and of all of the V-Bombers, it is probably my favourite also. I would love to have one in 1/32 scale (if I had a plastic tube of the correct corresponding diameter, it could very easily be the start of one! (same for the Tu-95 bear as well). 


Thank you again for the kind words and memories.





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2 hours ago, dennismcc said:

There's some pretty amazing work going on here, I'm not a fan of "modern" aircraft as modelling subjects but I am impressed with the attention to detail and the subject matter, it's a most impressive aircraft.


I still have this memory of going to the cinema for a Saturday matinee as a young lad and having in my possession a Lightning. It was not long after the aircraft came into service and it's shape was pretty extreme for those days, the "plane" came as two pieces of balsa, wings and fuselage (with all the markings on) which clicked together, of course it flew great, it was all very simple and for a very young chap very exciting.







Hi Dennis,


Thank you also for your kind words. I am probably not old enough to remember the Lightning entering RAF service, however, my modelling (and aeromodelling) experiences go back to the mid-60's, so I understand and share tour experiences in this respect. 


Best regards and thanks



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2 hours ago, tomprobert said:

When I grow up I want to be able to build cockpits like that. Incredible!




Thank you for the very generous words Tom; having seen your own work, I don't think that I am worthy of such praise!


Scratch building all of the additional cockpit details was, for me, the straight forward part (the kit cockpit, as supplied, is only vaguely representative of the real thing, so I could not accept it as it was).


For me, painting it was quite scary for several reasons. First, it is not my model, but one I am building for a friend. Second, it is the first 1/32 scale model I have made (I don't count the the large scale models I made in the RAF as a profession). Finally, I have not made a model aircraft properly for over 17 years (and these were only small scale models), so my painting skills have been severely diminished of this period of time.


Add to that the fact that there are now so many new types of paints and finishing methods, then you can see why I found it scary! I need to learn so many new things as well as getting used to new paints and techniques (not to mention the airbrush once more). 


The basic cockpit colour above is automotive acrylic primer grey paint - no addition or change to it. The rest of the colours are mostly enamels with a slight oil was and enamel wash here and there. Finally - as a first for me - spraying Winsor & Newton Galeria matt varnish to finish it all off (this didn't work well first time when I thinned it with water, which separated and ruined the finish, but was successful when I reapplied it having thinned it with Mr levelling 400 thinner and a spot of IPA).


The ejection seat was painted mostly enamel paints and took me ages to complete!






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