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  1. You can't have enough aggressor aircraft decals either.
  2. just arrived you can't have two many books.
  3. lain, I'm in for at least a F.3 and maybe a F.6 Dan
  4. lain, great start dealing with the problems you see. You can put me down a wing kit. I don't have the J yet still holding out for the D but if you can come up with a wing kit that would probably make me buy a J along with later down the road of picking up other things to fix problems on kit. Dan
  5. Thanks guys for you input. Chek, the RAF Typhoon I want to do is a FGR4. Xtradecal X32048 has a colorful one on it. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X32048 Dan
  6. greetings all. As the title says I am thinking of buying a Trumpeter Eurofighter. Looking at probably doing a Great Britain one. I was looking online and ran across Aires has two sets offered. 2118 is a late exhaust set and 2119 is a early exhaust set. I have been all over the internet and can't find what the difference is between them. The pictures of the sets on SB I can't tell what is the difference. Can someone help me with a answer to my question. Dan
  7. Chuck, The canopy looks outstanding. Thanks for the Photography Tutorial. Like all your builds it is a never ending learning experience from you. Taking lots of notes on the cockpit and the canopy since I have this in the pile. All thou the tiger stripe on is really sharp looking, I vote for the black MiG-28. Chuck have you had a chance to look at the exhaust on this thing? Looking for your magic here. Dan
  8. Chuck, Just like all your builds they are excellent and it is great to see you do your magic on them and to learn from you. Will be following along with this one. I can't believe that the Black Box resin cockpit fits as will as it does. I am surprised none of the after market companies haven't made a cockpit yet for the Kitty Hawk F-5E/F. Dan
  9. Thanks for following along. I'm kind of torn between doing the two tone blue Kai phantom and the pre 50th. anniversary one. Sorta leaning towards the pre 50th. anniversary one. Haven't seen very many of the zotz pre 50th. anniversary one's built. Mighty colorful markings. Dan
  10. Here is my entry into the group build. Still rounding up the last of the after market parts I need.
  11. did my own birthday shopping and picked these up for myself since birthday is in a few days. Not 1/32 but should be a interesting build.
  12. found these under the tree. Just got to find a few more after market items for one of the F-4EJ's for the multi-engine group build.
  13. sorry Jennings about the post those were all round files. Here is the only other things I have found. https://widgetsupply.com/product/bbg04.html https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/files-rasps?types[]=Taper
  14. Jennings, not sure if this helps you. https://www.grainger.com/product/IPA-5-Swiss-Pattern-Round-Micro-19RE91 Dan
  15. GDW, the dry transfers you refer to they came out with the first release from Wolf Pack. They were included with the resin conversion kit #WP32010
  16. Will be definitely ordering a couple sets of these decals. Has anyone heard from Wolf Pack on releasing their F-4EJ Kai conversion set again? Dan
  17. I will be in with something. Since this goes for a year I should be able finish one. Have lots of two jet engine models to choose from in the stash. Got less than a month to decide and to make sure I have all the after market items I need for it. Have one I would love to do but the paint scheme is a night mare so will have to decide on one that is a little less colorful but still colorful and there is 1/32 scale decals for it. Dan
  18. Thank you Tony for your response. Hopefully you can find a printer that will do a short run. Will definitely get at least two sets.
  19. Fellow modellers,. I know a 1/48 scale sheet was done I have been searching this afternoon but haven't found them offered in 1/32. Would like to do a F-4 Phantom from the 57th. FIS. This is a up coming winter project or one for the up coming 20th. Anniversary group build. Dan
  20. Greetings LSP members. I finally got one of those black jets from a fellow LSP modeler. I did a search and found a few builds and nothing on the GBU-27's. I found our LSP ericg build where he took Tamiya bunker busters and cut them down and did a outstanding job. I have also read that the Trumpeter Tomcat F-14B kit has them in it. I also found that flight path had a pair of them in their set they made for the old Revell/Testor's kit. What is going to be more accurate trying to track down a couple from the Tomcat F-14B or try to find a flight path a get the GBU-27's out of them or try and build a couple the way ericg did. Not sure if I can do as good as a job on making two of them like LSP ericg did. Open to suggestions. Dan
  21. Thanks Ivan for the excellent tweak list. Now just have to find the decals I need to make the one I want to do. Dan
  22. Jennings, I almost gave up on the JASDF F-104. The kits are still sitting in the pile waiting for your decals. Just let us know when you want payment and when they will be ready. Dan
  23. Will definitely get a cockpit set from CWS. It would be nice if they worked their magic on the two seat MiG-29UB. Dan
  24. Can someone refresh my mind but didn't black box make a cockpit set out there for the Hasegawa and didn't Verlinden make a update set? Has anyone heard of someone coming out with a new resin cockpit for the E/F?
  25. Gary, looking at getting at least one kit when it comes out and would be interested in full intakes but also correct burner nozzles also.
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