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  1. If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.
  2. Hi all. Great thread and I just bought the 1/32 Italeri GR.4 and since I don't know much about them hope more companies come out more eye popping decal schemes.
  3. Kevin, Just checking in again. The texture looks great. What did you do to get the texture? Keep up the good work. Kevin did you have any information on which ones of the Jagdtiger had Zimmerit applied to them? Dan
  4. Kevin my Tiger I is the Hobby Boss 1/16 scale one. Doesn't have a interior which is a plus if you don't open any hatches. I will have to look up my notes but there was a lot of things I have to change. Off the top of my head it was a mixture of early, mid productions. Kevin where did you go to get a quote on your acrylic cover?
  5. Hope this works this time. Dan
  6. Kevin, not to hike jack your build here but you are doing a great job. On my Tiger I exhaust shields I used numbers off the Archer set that Ray posted a picture of them. Here is a picture of mine without anything added on top of them for you to compare. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/gXdMFx.png
  7. It isn't 1/32 but 1/48 scale but hope DXM will make them in 1/32 scale. Spotted this over on Sprue Brothers today than all we need is the new upgraded nose section. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/dxm01-4244.htm
  8. Kevin, excellent build so far. have you seen this series on U-Tube of this guy's build? I just starting watching them when I get a chance. In this one he was saying something about the directions putting the road wheels together are wrong. Dan
  9. Kevin, Great start on the Jagdtiger. I have this in the pile to go with my Tiger I which stalled out. I sure wish they would have come up with some more after market items for this like a barrel with the correct rifling in it. Besides what Aber puts out I haven't found much for these big tanks especially this one it is a shame. Keep up the great work and I'm following along taking notes. Dan
  10. Chuck, another excellent build of yours. Very bright aircraft you got there. Dan
  11. hey everyone got this the first day they came up on Sprue Brothers. Since most everything is shut down I dug out one of my F-4EJ kits. If I pull this off might have to wear to look at it. I did get pick up Mr. Color 124 Dark Green and Mr. Color 308 Gray for exterior colors. Dan
  12. I don't remember but somewhere I found it online that it called for C308 Light Ghost Gray and C124 Dark Green Gunze Sangyo Paint call outs. Dan
  13. Chris, like the faded OD and the battle damage looks really real. Took a lot of notes from you build. Dan
  14. Thanks everyone. yes I did see and I'm following "The Large Scary Project" of Chrish. Thought I would just trying a hand at having Stigler's Bf109 sitting on a small diorama base of grass. Look's like the Revell kit gives you the option of both early and late. From what I have unearth for information it looks like maybe Stigler's was a early one. But will start gathering up a few aftermarket items and start a build soon. Dan
  15. Hey every one. I just got done reading the book A Higher Call. I don't know anything about German Bf109 aircraft. I am wanting to do Franz Stigler's Yellow 2 aircraft. The only thing after a quick search here and on the internet is that I know it was a Bf109 G-6. I turned to look at my favorite hobby stores online to see what is offered. I see that Trumpeter made a early and late version. I have two questions. 1. What was Stigler's Bf109? A early or a late version 2. Will the Trumpeter kits need much conversion / scratch building to make Stigler's aircraft? Thanks Dan
  16. Michael931080 The Peter Lewis book I am going to say has probably 90% of the pictures are in flight there is a little showing them on the ground. The other book is maybe 50/50. What pictures are on the ground I would say it is the aircraft waiting for the pilots. I had been watching these for a while and the seller shot my a very good deal on both books which I got off eBay.
  17. Treat myself to a couple books for Christmas.
  18. After doing a quick search I didn't come up with a answer. I started this kit with the engine portion since it was small and I could take it with me and work on it when I am not at home. After spending several hours cleaning up the ejector pin marks and filling the sink holes it doesn't look bad for the after burner area. Right now I got it just put together just a snug fit with all the parts. What is the best way to try and get rid of the four seams that run the full length? I'm thinking of gluing two pieces together take it apart and deal with that seam and than do it for the other two sections and than put it together and deal with only two seams in a tight place. Has anyone tried like baking soda or maybe even some of the anti slip paints to kind of brush on to hide the seam completely and kind of represent the fine rough texture of the after burner section? Also does anyone have a colored picture looking into towards the flame holder? Someone correct if I am wrong but would it be like color patterns you see in the F-16 and F-15 engines? Dan
  19. Jennings, will definitely be up for one set. They all look great but love the 526 and 587.
  20. You can't have enough aggressor aircraft decals either.
  21. just arrived you can't have two many books.
  22. lain, I'm in for at least a F.3 and maybe a F.6 Dan
  23. lain, great start dealing with the problems you see. You can put me down a wing kit. I don't have the J yet still holding out for the D but if you can come up with a wing kit that would probably make me buy a J along with later down the road of picking up other things to fix problems on kit. Dan
  24. Thanks guys for you input. Chek, the RAF Typhoon I want to do is a FGR4. Xtradecal X32048 has a colorful one on it. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X32048 Dan
  25. greetings all. As the title says I am thinking of buying a Trumpeter Eurofighter. Looking at probably doing a Great Britain one. I was looking online and ran across Aires has two sets offered. 2118 is a late exhaust set and 2119 is a early exhaust set. I have been all over the internet and can't find what the difference is between them. The pictures of the sets on SB I can't tell what is the difference. Can someone help me with a answer to my question. Dan
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