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Hase 1/32 J2M2 Raiden prototype-orange Japanese


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So, she`s Japanese now. Masking foil ripped off the color through to bare plastic on two spots. I plan to fill those spots with Dissolved puty, sand and airbrush the orange color. Hope it`ll work. I train it on cowwling, which fell from my table and there is also some little chip of color ripped off. Airbrushing with masks was achieved almost flawlessly with one little and very easily repairable exception. I was worried the most of painting the numbers over ports on rudder, but it went OK, luckily. Now i will let the paint to cure and then I will sand it with lot of water and very fine grid sandpaper to blend the colors and surface in. There are only 4 decals left, so I`ll sand and polish decaled areas to shine and omit gloss varnish this time and spray it after decaling to protect them. I realized that I thin the color too much, resulting to not so desirable surface, lesson learned and I hope next will be better.


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I started with wash on wings and tail. It`s not finished yet, on moving surfaces I have to redo, because I lost the wash there while cleaning the surface in flight direction, so I`ll focus on them later. Also I realized, that Tamiya enamel X-20 thinner does not damage Gunze C paint and even decals so I omited usual sealing varnish over base color.


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