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  1. Uschi Is flat in profile, more visible with thickness rising, even more when you paint it with grey or metal color.
  2. Finished: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81539-hasegawa-a6m5c-type-52/
  3. Tom, I work my usual way, complete whole airframe, exl. vertical tail, and apply rivets, but any way is possible, rivets are very strongly adhered to surface.
  4. Rivets bond to surface is very strong, don`t worry with masking (using Tamiya tape of course).
  5. Those were hidden under coat of paint, after some very light wet sanding they miraculously popped out.
  6. I sprayed rivet lines with grey paint, so after some very light sanding, what I plan after hinomarus and varnish and probably oils, they will pop out. I`ve already tested it during some repairs. Also they are more visible then on the pictures, the strong light and .jpg compression make them almost disappear.
  7. This should be the seat.
  8. This Is what we need - another Lancaster thread.
  9. On Montex site is very useful tutorial: http://www.montex-mask.com/en/tutorial-jak-malowac
  10. The model on B&W pictures looks far better then the second one on color photos, this one looks like Corsair for Barbie and you can find better looking Corsairs on this site.
  11. HGW big riveting set (masks, positive rivets, stencils, seatbelts), CMK gearbays, Quickboost gun barrels + exhausts, Yahu IP, Eduard wheels + exterior/interior Brengun - those are perfect.
  12. Hi-Tech edition, Begemot decals, Yahu IP, HGW seatbelts, Eduard masks & PE, MR.Paint colors
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