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Hase 1/32 J2M2 Raiden prototype-orange Japanese


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Simply beautiful work here!!


I have been in a building slump for a long while now, but its work like this that really gives me the bug again!


Absolutetly top shelf work there.





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Almost done, canopy and winsheald only dryfitted, needing some correction with interior green on edges, also antenna mast, cannon barrels and pitot waiting for epoxy glue which I have run short of. And last but not least the gunsight, which gluing will be quite awkward due to its positioning. After all af this is done, I will make new shots with better light.



GEEEZ i love this one.


You shure made me to buy this one...and to put my task to build one of this one....as it looks so damn cool, stands out, and yes...so well painted and weathered, as i imagine it should look like, as

my way of saying, it is in my taste and flavor all the way......yes i love it Fenous.



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