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  1. So is there any limit for length of words? Simply "219" search possibility would be great.
  2. He-219 works, but it founds only wrong named threads, He 219 is correct, so if there are some correctly named, they are impossible to find.
  3. Is it possible to enhance search function to be able to search for shorter words? In our hobby there are short words very often, I tried to search for He 219, but nothing came from search, its`s quite disappointing.
  4. Asked mr. Riedel, SH representative, Sea Fury is in slow progress, Fiat G.55 will be earlier.
  5. IMHO Anyz braided line 0.5 mm is too thick for 1/32, I bought it, by did not use on my engine.
  6. Uschi Is flat in profile, more visible with thickness rising, even more when you paint it with grey or metal color.
  7. Finished: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81539-hasegawa-a6m5c-type-52/
  8. Tom, I work my usual way, complete whole airframe, exl. vertical tail, and apply rivets, but any way is possible, rivets are very strongly adhered to surface.
  9. Rivets bond to surface is very strong, don`t worry with masking (using Tamiya tape of course).
  10. Those were hidden under coat of paint, after some very light wet sanding they miraculously popped out.
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