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  1. Forget about Waldron, go RP Toolz, it`s worth every penny
  2. https://www.atolhobby.com/en/etched-parts-1-32/
  3. Would like to try this http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/roll-maker/69-roll-maker-tube-wire-machine.html
  4. You don`t see the Gauzy sticking to the masking tape and peeled off the canopy?
  5. About Flory: 25:25 of this review says it al....
  6. It`s typo for sure, looks small compared to that 1/48 P-47 and 1/32 AFV.
  7. Beware of that first aid kit, if I remember correctly, it interferes with construction around cockpit so you will not be able to slide completed wing/cockpit into fuselage. Glue the first aid kit after that.
  8. Eduard confirmed PE ordered by ZM as usual
  9. This Is reason, why my Special Hobby V-1 has only half of stencils. It was very painful experience.
  10. Wash Is necessary, there are stitches engraved by laser on belts, which with wash will pop out. I gloss varnish them prior to wash and matt varnish afterwards.
  11. Thank you, but I am afraid postage from Japan will be expensive and to be honest I am not in Must have for whatever it costs situation yet :-)
  12. I can see only H1 for Telford, but I would prefer H0.
  13. Is there any chance ZM will rerelease their Ta 152 kits? They are impossible to find in stores, just on Ebay for ridiculous prices.
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