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  1. Hello, I have those scans, but in Pdf, how can I send you?
  2. I also have non listed Avia B 534 publication from 2008. Will scan both then.
  3. I found I have the P-40 `93, thought I have `98 issue. I will scan it at work next week and send. I also doubt books Classic American Airlines and Spitfires and Polished Metal: Restoring the Classic Fighter are from Czech publisher MBI.
  4. Those rivets are UNDER coat of Alclad II, directly on highly polished black base.
  5. Here you can see, how HGW rivets look under Alclad II, I think they are worth the try.
  6. There Is older SJU-5/6 seat in Aires set, not NACES.
  7. Here are some finished and in progress pictures of Legato kit https://www.leteckemuzeumliborezy.cz/avia-b-35/
  8. Forget about Waldron, go RP Toolz, it`s worth every penny
  9. Would like to try this http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/roll-maker/69-roll-maker-tube-wire-machine.html
  10. You don`t see the Gauzy sticking to the masking tape and peeled off the canopy?
  11. About Flory: 25:25 of this review says it al....
  12. Beware of that first aid kit, if I remember correctly, it interferes with construction around cockpit so you will not be able to slide completed wing/cockpit into fuselage. Glue the first aid kit after that.
  13. Eduard confirmed PE ordered by ZM as usual
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