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  1. This Is what we need - another Lancaster thread.
  2. On Montex site is very useful tutorial: http://www.montex-mask.com/en/tutorial-jak-malowac
  3. The model on B&W pictures looks far better then the second one on color photos, this one looks like Corsair for Barbie and you can find better looking Corsairs on this site.
  4. HGW big riveting set (masks, positive rivets, stencils, seatbelts), CMK gearbays, Quickboost gun barrels + exhausts, Yahu IP, Eduard wheels + exterior/interior Brengun - those are perfect.
  5. Hi-Tech edition, Begemot decals, Yahu IP, HGW seatbelts, Eduard masks & PE, MR.Paint colors
  6. It`s been finished some weeks ago, but pictures not taken so far, will take some along with my new project.
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