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  1. Beware of that first aid kit, if I remember correctly, it interferes with construction around cockpit so you will not be able to slide completed wing/cockpit into fuselage. Glue the first aid kit after that.
  2. Eduard confirmed PE ordered by ZM as usual
  3. This Is reason, why my Special Hobby V-1 has only half of stencils. It was very painful experience.
  4. Wash Is necessary, there are stitches engraved by laser on belts, which with wash will pop out. I gloss varnish them prior to wash and matt varnish afterwards.
  5. Thank you, but I am afraid postage from Japan will be expensive and to be honest I am not in Must have for whatever it costs situation yet :-)
  6. I can see only H1 for Telford, but I would prefer H0.
  7. Is there any chance ZM will rerelease their Ta 152 kits? They are impossible to find in stores, just on Ebay for ridiculous prices.
  8. So is there any limit for length of words? Simply "219" search possibility would be great.
  9. He-219 works, but it founds only wrong named threads, He 219 is correct, so if there are some correctly named, they are impossible to find.
  10. Is it possible to enhance search function to be able to search for shorter words? In our hobby there are short words very often, I tried to search for He 219, but nothing came from search, its`s quite disappointing.
  11. Asked mr. Riedel, SH representative, Sea Fury is in slow progress, Fiat G.55 will be earlier.
  12. IMHO Anyz braided line 0.5 mm is too thick for 1/32, I bought it, by did not use on my engine.
  13. Uschi Is flat in profile, more visible with thickness rising, even more when you paint it with grey or metal color.
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