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Hase 1/32 J2M2 Raiden prototype-orange Japanese


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Hello, this is my build of Hasegawa 1/32 J2N2 Raiden prototype. I`ll complete it as an yellow-orange prototype, which surely will shine between those boring green and grey models in my cabinet :-) I`m using Eduard exterior+interior PE+ canopy masks. Kit is perfect, much better then Trumpeters Me-262 I`v built previously, so I`m enjoying every moment. I`m riveting for the first time with RB wheel, I was worried at first about it, but in the end it gone quite well, wish I started with wing bottom, where my initial mistakes would be less visible. I have cocpit almost finished, just drybrush and some scratches and chipping remains. I will no bother a lot about the engine, because there will be almost nothing visible of it in the end, so I`m going to leave it as it is-black surfacer and silver drybrush. I`m quite worried about two things-rear cockit+rear canopy assembly, which is quite complex with all this PE, but looks much better than plastic original and also about instrument panel, because PE is for J2M3 and IP is different, so I`ll try instruments form decal and if this doesn`t work, than my shaky hand and blurred vision comes forward. Canopy masking will be challenge as well, because J2M2 has different windshield and also Eduard mask set lacks parts fo internal masking, which in 1/32 is necessary, airbrushing interior color from outside first doesn`t work well here


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Very nice start!

When you come to the part where the wings are mated ( is this correct English? )  to the fuselage  you have to cut some of the "teeth" of the wingspar, or make them smaller to give it more wiggly-room. Or you will have a hard time putting them together.....

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