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Hase 1/32 J2M2 Raiden prototype-orange Japanese


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Fenous, Can this one be built from any of the Raiden kits? I have the Revell and this is the build I want.....Harv

I don`t think so, there are some differencies-prototype having different IP due to installation of MGs in cockpit, which also results in different cowling with holes for guns barrels, there is also intake on lower side of cowling missing, 2 MGs in fusselage result also in different upper front part with 2 bulges and different forward part of the canopy. And prototype had only 2 cannons in wing with cylindrical ammo magazines wih big bulges on uppper and lower sides of wing, opposite to production versions having 4 cannons belt fed with no bulges.

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I think I`m finished here, despite my effort all pictures are more yellow then in reality and preshading is also little bit more visible, it is the result of just provisional lighting. To make better pictures I need to reorganize whole my room, so I keep it for finish. Big help for me was article by Nick Millman from http://www.aviationofjapan.com/ORANGE YELLOW ENIGMA


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