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1/32 Trumpeter A-7E converted to Hellenic A-7H


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Hi John,


Only just came across this and there's some incredible work you're doing here. I have one of these in the stash and I like the beaten up look of the greek corsairs so as I know pretty much nothing about them I'll be following along on this one :)





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Good morning lads, after a very long time i managed to start with this project again and it is time to ''wake up'' this thread also. A lot of things kept me out, but hey, this is the ''SLUF'' i used to fly with, no way i wouldn't start it again!!!

First of all, i glued the avionics panels in place and the resin wheel wells. For some reason in my case, the wells are about 2 mm shorter so some plastic needed to cover the gaps. There is more work to be done here but later and after i close the fuselage.

I also glued the panel where the turbine section is going to be placed and i also added the chaff and flares boxes. not much to be seen when it is done but....they were there!!!!


After that i started dealling with the cockpit tube. As you can see from the previous pages, i have changed some things on the resin one in order to be as close as it coulb be with the real thing. I added all the small things inside and i also glued the tiny things on the survival kit.


Time to put some color....

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