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  1. Thanks guys. @A-10LOADER Which colours did you use for you exhausts.
  2. Hey guys, Building the Tamiya 1/32 F-16 Block 50 and I'm using the Aires Exhaust nozzle. I'm trying(unsuccessfully thus far) to mask the nozzles so I can get that distinctive two tone on the petals. Hand painting is definitely not my strong suit so wanting to AB it. Can someone share a tip on how they do this. Is there possibly a mask out there?
  3. Good to know. I was about to comment on how rubbish they look ... MAN, you must go through some CA glue!!! This bird must have a pound or two of the stuff in it!!! Thanks again for these awesome updates. Could I ask one question that has always perplexed me: When you add pins/drill bits etc to add strength to wings etc, how do you align them so that you get the perfect fit/alignment? I once tried it on a build an it was slightly misaligned (1/2 a mm or so, but still). Do you have a technique that you could share. Really curious. Thanks again for your awesome tutorials and references. TIA.
  4. Chuck, Awesome work mate! Looks brilliant. Can't wait to see more.
  5. Chuck, I just spent 3 hours + going through the thread you posted... HOLY CHIMICHANGAS MATE!!! That's amazing skill right there. If I can get half of your techniques I'll be one happy model making mofo. Thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks Menelaus and Chuck! I'm actually doing the Revell kit now and using Ioannis Lekkas' book for a reference, so I know "most" of the mods that need to be made, but I wasn't sure if the Tamiya kit was an option. On further research it seems like a good base to start from. The big one was the slats for me and the conversion from unsalted to slatted. Menelaus, nice job on the cockpit! Chuck, mate that is one detailed build thread! Amazing. Thanks for providing the link. This will be ultra useful. Thanks again guys for your input.
  7. Thanks chaps. I have Ioannis' Phantom UtS book but wondering if I missed anything.
  8. Hellenic AF AUP (Peace Icarus 2000) type.
  9. So, I'm kinda hating my Revell F-4E and all it's inaccuracies, especially knowing that there is a far better Tamiya model out there. My question pertains to turning a Tamiya F-4E into a slatted more modern version, namely an AUP. Apart from the slatted wings and obvious IP enhancements, what other obvious external diffs would there be? I'm not talking small panels or hardly visible air vents, but rather large obvious differences that would differentiate the two variants. If this requires a major response, please let me know of a source which might already list these. As an additional question, which slatted wing set would you recommend for a Tamiya kit? Many TIA.
  10. WHAT THE FAV'S!!! Milan you are a freak of nature good sir. This is unbelievable stuff. My fingers are hurting just looking at the work you have done. Madness! Could you kindly show how you constructed this? Even a smal vid of how you get the things to align or actually move?
  11. Thank you lads. Appreciate the comments. @Geedubleyer, it is indeed called Aegean. Ghost.
  12. Painted up the titanium bits using Alcalad Lacquers. Tried to simulate the "ribbing" that appears on well used Phantoms. Came out ok but I think I over blended it. Not going to try and fix it as the masking to get this done was brain damage material... Here are some weapons without decals. Going for 4 Sidewinders and 2 AMRAAMs. Full loadout for maximum damage. I had to steal the AMRAAMs from an Academy kit as the Revell ones were total rubbish. Too long and too thick. And now the decals and stencils. I have Icarus for insignias and major stencils. I'm using the Isra Decal F-4E stencils for the slime lights and a few other bits and pieces. Greek AUP's have grey stencilling and Icarus onlt made them in black or white (?)...no grey. The Isra Decal ones are black, so I thought I would use these and blend them in by over-spraying with the underlying colour. This may be an exercise in futility so I have another option up my sleeve which I will reveal if it comes off. I'm also using the Eduard photo etch stencils for the NO STEP etc stencils.Here are the decals... much fun. Here is the tail (decals still drying). I am going for a 339 "Aias" (Ajax) Interceptor Sqn bird. Unfortunately the Icarus decals didn't have the serial number combo I wanted so I had to use a black "5" to make up what I wanted. I'll have to blend that in with some grey...sigh...The tail emblem looks pretty sh!te hot though. Anyways. I'm off o/s again and wont be back till mid Jan. Have a safe and joyous Xmas and a wonderful and prosperous new year. Best wishes y'all
  13. Been a while since I posted. Work has been hectic with much travelling. Here is the progress so far... Cockpit is a mash up of Legend Productions, kit and scratch built items to make up the AUP changes. Ioannis Lekkas' book Phantom Under the Skin Vol1 is a MUST if you want to get the details right for the cockpit. Top publication. Painted up using LifeColor acrylics which are a b!@tch to spray as my tip keeps getting clogged. Much weathering to be done...
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