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Czech model F-80 C Finished


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Hello Eric. Man, thats nice. You have touched on something not very many modelers don't quite go the distance when it comes to weathering munitions. You did a great job of it. The whole aircraft is top shelf !.......Harv :popcorn:

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OK, last one before this one hits the display cabinet via the RFI section.


I have been experimenting with artists oils to blend the dust/mud of the earth in the corner of the base and the rusty look of the PSP. The PSP was painted Alclad Steel, and the earth work was a brown shade of acrylic.




The model is SO close to being finished. I took a break from it and got back into my Meteor, just so that I could attack the very final stage with a fresh set of eyes and hopefully not miss anything! Now all of the undercarriage doors and dropped speed brakes are in place, it looks alot close to the ground than in the last post that I put up a couple of days ago.



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