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RFI - Fw-190 A8 R/2 Sturmbock "Yellow 17" *NEW PICS*

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Well here she is boys, all dolled up, along with Willie.

I threw everything AM wise I could as well as many, many hrs scratching different components for Willies Fw-190 based out of Barth in 1944:


 - Has Fw-190 A-8

 - EP cockpit

 - EP Boss

 - EP Prop

 - EP Tail-wheel

 - EP resin Mk 108 canon fairings

 - MDC resin smooth main wheels

 - BlackDog R/2 Sturmbock conversion

 - MM brass 151 20 Mike-Mike barrels

 - MM brass Mk 108 barrels

 - G-Factor white brass gear

 - Custom made brass "Krebs Garat" w/Lion Roar 21 cm Werfer rocket

 - Master Details stabilizers

 - Aires wheel wells

 - Eduard color IP and PE interior

 - Quickboost exhausts

 - HGW laser cut seat-belts

 - Mike Grant stencils

 - Montex paint masks

 - Just Plane Stuff Luftwaffe plank hard stand

 - Scratch made landscaping on the JPS base

 - Ultracast  "Late War Luftwaffe Pilot"

 - Great-Wall-Hobby German WWII oil drums

 - True Details Luftwaffe parachute pack #1



WHEW!  I think thats it...............


Here is a link to the WIP if anyone is interested in how she came together:


Fw-190 A8 R/2 Sturmbock "Yellow 17" WIP



Hope you all enjoy, and thanks to all those who offered advice and commented along the way:

































STILL MORE......................................

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Oooh I say!

Thats a bit good for a first effort!

Love the diorama, especially the foliage!

I hope he's not going to chuck that ciggie anywhere near those fuel drums when he has finished it!


Looking forward to seeing more of your builds in the future.


Great stuff and :post1:

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Looks great! The plane and the presentation are first-rate. Did this aircraft have those little landing gear indicator rods seen here: http://fw190.hobbyvista.com/wadman3.jpg and http://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/WW2/RickReinbott/Fw190F-8/images/P1010108.jpg ?


Cheers, Tom

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This is a truly awesome and inspiring build!


I've been distracted from the forum and from modeling for the last few months. Other hobbies, family/personal issues and weather have played a big part in that. However, throughout that time, I've been getting constant email notifications from your WIP thread. I purposely avoided looking at them, because I wanted to see it all come together here, first. Then, go back and "enjoy the ride", so to speak.That may seem strange to some, but I will say that it was worth the wait, as this is spectacular. It's also providing the motivation I need to get back in the saddle, this week, now that I can be more focused. So, for that, I have to say "THANK YOU!!!" :thumbsup:



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Absolutely brilliant Brian !


German war machines with swastikas are not my cup of tea, but the result is of your usual outstanding standard !


Well done



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