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  1. Heh, heh, heh!!!! Your fun is just beginning!!!! Good luck, you're gonna need it!!!!
  2. No build thread, but a friend of mine WAS building it. The fit and engineering is so bad he gave up on it about 1/2 of the way through. And he's not a quitter, so shelving it tells me a lot. Lotsa issues attaching the wheel bay section, main fuselage, cockpit fuselage, and LERX. A rumor is floating around on the interwebs that RoG is not producing any additional kits (after the initial batch sells out) and sending it back to the drawing boards for rework to solve the myriad fit issues. I don't necessarily believe that, but, that's the rumor.
  3. I can't tell you for sure, since it's not my compressor, but I experienced pretty much the same symptoms, and it was a "sticking" regulator. You might try gently whacking it with a rubber mallet to try and unstick it, but that did not work out for me. There was an easy fix with a new regulator.
  4. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ They have all the info you seek in a one stop search. So easy, even a cave man can do it (to quote that infamous TV ad)
  5. There is some info here. https://airline-hobby.com/2018/10/30/a-short-history-of-revell-and-where-the-company-stands-today/
  6. A friend of mine is building this kit right now. Just wait until you get to the construction steps dealing with integrating the wheel bays, fuselage, LERX, and cockpit! I think my friend is gonna throw the thing against the wall pretty soon! I was seriously thinking of getting this kit, but now that build reviews are appearing, it's highly unlikely. Please keep posting your build experiences, as I'm very interested in the outcome.
  7. Unfortunately, ammonia based glass cleaners (like Windex) are really the best solution to remove Future. Mr Color Thinner (a lacquer thinner) also works, but that stuff is expensive, smelly, and tough to find.
  8. I'm also on the fence, leaning towards not buying it at all. Definitely won't be on pre-order. I'm gonna wait and see what the actual plastic looks like, and see how tough it is to build before I make my final decision. You can't un-see ugly, and that flat spine and the instruction sheet (which indicates that RoG is not bothering to fix known issues in the build and is rushing this thing to market) makes me super wary.
  9. Nope, no need for different thinners/cleaners. Mr Color Levelling Thinner works with all of them. I don't waste the thinner for clean up though, so I use cheap generic hardware store brand lacquer thinner for clean up for all of them.
  10. To amplify what Kevin already said, Mr Color Levelling thinner will work wonderfully on all paints EXCEPT for water based acrylics. Mineral spirit based enamel (like Testors Modelmaster), alchohol based acrylics (like Tamiya/Gunze), and alchohol based lacquers (like MRP, Mr Color, AKAN) all work great. The easiest way to test is to mix a few drops of thinner along with a few drops of paint in a soda cap and stir completely. Look at it after a few minutes, and if it's separated or congealed into globs (the most likely result of mixing with water based acrylics) then don't put it your airbrush. I'm a big fan of Mr Color, it's my favorite paint. I start thinning at 50:50 and will keep adding thinner to desired consistency. Some colors you have to go all the way to 2:1 (thinner:paint), but I always start at 50:50 until I learn which ones require more thinner (like flat black). I shoot at any where between 5-20 PSI (depends what I'm trying to accomplish), and my most common is 10-15 PSI.
  11. Checkers are kit supplied decals (kit supplied decals are excellent), spinner is masked.
  12. The good news is, Hobbyworld will ship the out of stock items when he gets them without any additional shipping charges. The bad news is he frequently forgets to do this, so you pretty much have to keep diligent track of the backordered items and remind him. And sometimes, it may take 6 months to get your stuff.
  13. My experience is that it takes a week to 10 days or so from order placement until the stuff actually gets shipped. Definitely not like Sprue Bros in the shipping department!
  14. I've recently tried to order MRP direct from Slovakia and the order could not be processed because they can no longer ship direct to the USA (and many other countries) due to postal regulations.
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