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"Hawks" Marine Intruder, Nam Phong 1972 FINISHED


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I was referring to the squadron name, it should be "VMA-AW-533" not "VMA-(AW)-533" - the Osprey illustration shows it wrong and looks like your screenshot on page 1 shows your decals are based on it.


For crew names I'm still not sure. That illustration shows CAPT ???, but I don't know if that is real or fiction. I've talked to two b/ns from 533 during the Rose Garden deployment and both don't remember names being on them at all. But photos, especially in 73 show something there. But a clear view of names still eludes me.

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i am now set on modex 1, its the only one that had the tan radome. there is an old and new paint guise for the aircraft and i will go with the early one. this is why i don t need the VMA-letters at all, it didnt have them. it sure looks like it had crewnames on it too. the pre deployment shot shows them and your pics from nam phong do too (t think). furthermore the repaint during deployment not only changed the nosecolour, the demarkation between white and grey is further up on the rear fuselage on the later version. it seems the leading edge slats were also repainted. the newer colour is completely different to the bleached and weathered old paint

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Guest Peterpools

Super work on the gear ... just has that 'heavy, weighted' Iron Works Gang look.

Keep 'em coming


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